‘Sister Wives’: Gabe Brown’s Exciting Life Update

Sister Wives star Gabriel Brown has been discreet about his life behind cameras. He had expressed his disappointment in Kody throughout the recent seasons. But despite having a strained relationship with his dad, the 22-year-old still enjoys his life. He currently has a new girlfriend. Keep reading to see what Gabe has been up to today.

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown’s Life Today

Gabriel is a fan favorite. He has been a supportive son and often lends his mother a hand whenever she needs help with the RV or other things. In June, Janelle shared her movie night with Gabe and Garrison. The Sister Wives star loves to share dinner dates with her sons, along with their girlfriends. She even introduced her son’s girlfriend, Payton. However, many were surprised to see him with a new girl this year.

Sister Wives Gabriel Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @hunter_elias01 Instagram
In July, Hunter uploaded a photo with his friends and siblings as they celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday. But what caught the attention of many was the woman sitting on Gabriel’s lap. Many assumed that they were a couple due to how close they looked. She remains a mystery today. Though a lot of fans on Reddit support the Sister Wives star and hope that he’s enjoying his love life.
  • “All I care about is seeing these kids free and happy!” one person said.
  • “They all seem happy!” another commenter added.

Where Does Gabriel Live & Study?

Aside from having a mysterious girlfriend, fans have also wondered about what Gabriel has been up to. He’s been a regular on the reality show. But he has kept a low profile off the cameras. He hasn’t posted anything on social media for two years. The Sister Wives star is presently a student at Northern Arizona University and lives in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives Gabriel Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @gaberown Instagram

Sister Wives: Gabriel Brown’s Issues With Kody Due To His Love Life

Kody had issues with his kids during the pandemic, especially with Gabriel and Garrison. They insisted on prioritizing their social life during Covid-19, leaving the patriarch upset and feeling disrespected. Gabe also had a girlfriend during that time, and he made it clear that he would not abstain from seeing his significant other. Since then, the father and son’s relationship has gotten worse. In Season 18, Kody revealed that he still couldn’t contact his sons and claimed that they kept blocking him.

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