Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Truely Would Ask David Woolley To Adopt Her

Sister Wives star Christine Brown didn’t take much time to replace Kody with David Woolley. She seemed to be the happiest person after cutting all the ties with her polygamist husband. The celeb has already walked down the aisle with her new beau in October 2023 and is in her happily-ever-after phase.

Now, viewers were wondering if Truely would consider David adopting her or not. Will she prefer making the latter her legal father? What is the star kid up to now?

Fans are well aware of the adoption trend. When Robyn entered into the family, Kody ended up adopting her three kids from her previous marriage. He even divorced Meri as he wanted to legally adopt Robyn’s children. All these events unfolded in the earlier Sister Wives seasons.

As Christine has now married David, fans were wondering if the history would repeat itself or not. Apparently, Truely is currently living with her mother and stepdad and seems to be happy with them. Amid all this, a Reddit thread started and discussed if the star kid would consider getting legally adopted by David.

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The OP talked about the possibility of tables getting turned and Truely asking David to adopt her legally. It also pointed out that Kody hasn’t been the “best dad” to her, and perhaps Woolley is filling the void. So, it discussed the fair chance of David becoming Truely’s dad legally as well.

But on the other hand, the majority of Sister Wives viewers believe that Christine wouldn’t encourage this. They feel that she wouldn’t force or manipulate her daughter or her current husband to get into this mess. A user wrote, “Truely can have a safe and strong relationship with David without being adopted by him.”

Someone even explained that Truely and David could share a great bond without having “fanfare and paperwork” involved in the process. A fan agreed that David doesn’t seem to have a desire to rip Truely out from her biological father.

Sister Wives: Does Truely Share A Great Bond With David Woolley?

During the initial days of Christine and David’s relationship, Sister Wives fans were really concerned about Truely. They felt that she was too young to be dealing with all this in her life, and perhaps it was a lot for her to accept as well.

Truely evidently had a hard time accepting Christine and Kody’s divorce. She then had to accept a new man as her mother’s beau. That is why there were speculations about the star kid not liking David’s presence. There were instances when Truely was spotted making weird faces in pictures which ignited these rumors.

However, now it seems that Truely has happily adapted to the new dynamics. She accompanies Christine and David to their outings and appears to be comfortable with the latter’s presence as well. Moreover, several sources have confirmed that the star kid is also in touch with Kody.

So, it appears that Truely has finally struck the perfect balance between her stepdad and biological father.

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