Sister Wives: Fans Slam Kody Brown For ‘Showing Off’ His Wealth As Wives Struggle Financially

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has always been one of the most controversial members of the reality TV realm. He has undergone three divorces back-to-back and is currently in a monogamous marriage with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Yet, there have been uncountable instances when the celeb ended up disgusting his audience because of his personality and bizarre ways. Amid all this, Kody did the same and received backlash for showing off his wealth in a weird way. Fans were in shock to notice the way he was actually flaunting his assets amid marriage crises! What did he do? What did viewers observe?

Sister Wives: Viewers Call Out Kody Brown For Flaunting His Wealth Amid Marriage Crisis

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is in a mid-life crisis phase during Season 18 of the show. He is featured dealing with the aftermath of his divorce from Christine while Janelle and Meri are on the verge of leaving him as well.

Hence, it is evident that the celeb isn’t in a very great state of mind these days. Yet, it seems that Kody isn’t sacrificing his lifestyle and is continuing to spend on his luxuries. Recently, viewers were in shock when they noticed something really bizarre during a recent episode.

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During a recent episode, Meri sat with Kody to talk about her clothing business. While they were talking, the former stated, “Sorry, I’m distracted by your ring.” Fans were quick to take this matter to Reddit and talk about not the ring but the celeb’s typical Rolex watch. Someone even pointed out that this watch would be around tens of thousands of dollars.

A user further revealed the exact prize, which was “$14,000.” Apparently, many of them pointed out that Kody was wearing a super expensive watch when his ex-wives were financially struggling. Moreover, he didn’t even buy presents for his kids on Christmas but had the money to get a luxury accessory!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s NEW RING Raises Questions!

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been flaunting his assets while his estranged wives are still dealing with financial issues. Apparently, Janelle lives in an RV while she doesn’t even have a roof under her name.

She even cried her heart out about how she was stuck with the Browns when it came to monetary matters. Amid all this, Kody was busy flaunting his brand-new ring, which raised many eyebrows as well. Meri pointed it out as he wasn’t wearing his regular wedding band this time.

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Usually, Kody used to wear a wedding band, which all his wives were used to watching. But now he had a new one. Meri pointed it out and asked him about the same. She asked, “That’s a different ring. Is that something I should not say?.”

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