‘Sister Wives’ Fans Say Meri Brown Back To Protecting Kody

While each of the Brown family members is processing the grief of Garrison Brown differently, Sister Wives fans find Meri Brown’s way shocking. Fans believe Meri is returning to her old ways of protecting Kody Brown while discussing Garrison.

Meri Brown Protects Kody As Usual

On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan brings up a somewhat touchy subject. The viewer starts a thread saying, “Meri’s recent defense of Kody.” Undoubtedly, Meri Brown is grieving, but during her Friday With Friends, she took time to defend Kody Brown. Initially, the poster talks about Meri encouraging people not to blame Kody for Garrison Brown’s death. However, the fan later deletes the post. At the time of the original post, the viewer talks about how Meri is seemingly reverting to her old ways by jumping in to protect Kody at all costs. In many ways, the post points to Meri making a lot of progress in renewing her life, but the terrible family loss may be causing her a setback. Some believe Meri’s quick reaction to cover for Kody indicates she isn’t truly over him.

Meri Brown & Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From Reddit
Meri Brown & Kody Brown – Sister Wives – From Reddit

Some Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Brown Still Has Feelings For Kody

Several other Sister Wives fans were in agreement that Meri Brown is almost too quick to take up for Kody Brown. Additionally, some commenters’ focus was on Meri not fully moving on from Kody.

  • “Kody hasn’t defended or protected Meri in years (even when she needed it the most). He’s also state he hardly ever thinks about Meri. I think it’s sad that a time like this Meri still prioritizes worrying about Kody. I agree that Meri focus shouldn’t be on protecting/defending Kody. It doesn’t make her the better person, just a person still stuck on somebody who used and discarded them in an extremely cruel way.”
  • “It’s crazy how she still has a hard on for him.”
  • “I think in some small corner of her heart she’s hoping if she becomes the good little wife again Kody might take her back.” To which someone adds, “Oh for sure! There’s always been hope there.”
  • “This tracks for Meri.”

Suicide Has More Complications Than Meet The Eyes

Although the Sister Wives fan removed the initial post about Meri Brown, other fans took time to discuss the matter. Most likely the original post was taken down since many fans expressed the Browns are going through a complicated process right now and blame has no place.

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  • “I think viewers need to take a step back. Also, what’s Meri supposed to say? ‘Yep! Kody’s to blame ????’. It’s gross to me that people feel so comfortable speculating and placing blame directly to these strangers on social media.”
  • “She should have remained silent on the matter.”
  • “It’s loyalty to her family. Those comments are deranged and she has every right to step in.”

See For Yourself

Additionally, one user talks about fans misunderstanding Meri Brown through this issue. Notably, the best way to verify is to go to the source. Many people believe only one part of the story is getting the focus.

  • “I suggest you watch it in it’s entirety. Someone chose to make a comment on the live. Meri’s response, ‘Please understand, and re-listen if needed, I never defended anyone’s actions. I said someone is also grieving the loss of his son, and how disgusting it is to put that blame on him’.”
  • “I think you are taking a snippet of her response and reading way too much into it. Placing blame on one person for a situation that is multi layered isn’t the answer. Yes, Kody is by all definitions a dead beat father. Many children have fathers just like this and turn out fine. There was more going on than this. Placing blame doesn’t help anyone and i am quite sure everyone of them is feeling responsible in some way.”

Meri Brown Is Aware Of The Complexity Of Suicide

Undeniably, the Browns, including Kody and Meri Brown, are facing a new and very challenging part of their lives. Although some “blame” is easy to assign, it is only the individuals who can assess the truth and determine how to proceed from here.

  • “This is a very layered situation.”
  • “Suicide is a complex issue very true. However contributing factors like bullying and family dysfunction contribute to the outcome. Unfortunately the bullying and dysfunction was on public display for many years so it can’t be denied. Doesn’t change the sad situation now but yes I think some folks need to pickup their blame and sit with it.”
Do you think that Meri Brown is protecting Kody Brown because old habits die hard? Or do you think Meri is being civil and extending grace in a deeply horrific time in all of their lives? Do you think Meri was right to defend Kody in the case of Garrison Brown‘s death? Drop your comments below.

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