‘Sister Wives’ Fans Disturbed By Kody Brown Hair Plugs & Botox?

Are Sister Wives fans utterly disturbed by Kody Brown’s hair plugs and recent Botox? He has had a hair evolution since Season 1. Yet, this seems to be the worst that it has gotten. Furthermore, his face has changed somewhat to the point he might have had some work done. Read on for more details on what viewers believe is going on.

Sister Wives Fans Disturbed By Kody Brown Hair Plugs & Botox?

Kody Brown has always had an interesting head of hair, to say the least. When the show started in 2010, he went for a blown-out darker blonde look. As the years went by, he started to embrace a very curled style and a lot more highlights. He even experimented with an undercut as well as a tight ponytail. As of late, he has just let his hair flow but Sister Wives fans are disturbed by his odd hairline. There is a distinct part where his “bangs” stop and the back of his hair begins.

Meri Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown, The Early Years-YouTube
  • Can we just say his Hairplugs or whatever he has looks awful. He has a bald stripe 2 inches between his front curl bangs and the rest of his hairline.
Kody Brown-YouTube
Kody Brown-YouTube
They believed this must have happened due to his receding hairline which completely makes sense. More so, they noted that they preferred his hair back in the bun as they hated his curls. So, what did fellow Redditors have to say and do they agree with the possibility of him having work done?
  • .He’s had is teeth veneered, his eyes done,lip filler, an eye lift skin resurfacing a super pathetic hair transplant what an absolute catch. And Meri) probably wasn’t allowed to get brown tooth fixed. Robin is also loaded up with Botox ( not that it helps. I worked 20 years in a plastic surgeon’s office.

Is There More?

So, it appears that Kody Brown may have had a lot of work done or, at the very least, his hair and some injectables. Did others think that there was more? One believed that he may have had some but not as much as aforementioned. It was likely very slight. Still, the Sister Wives patriarch is spending money despite alleged money troubles all to hold on to youth. Is it working?

Do you believe that Kody has had a hair transplant and Botox or nothing at all? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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