Sister Wives: Fans Caught Kody Wearing $6K Vintage Rolex Watch Amid Claims Of Financial Struggle

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has always talked about his financial struggles. He has portrayed himself as if he was even wrestling to pay off his Arizona property. There have been several instances when the celeb ended up escaping many situations just by saying that he didn’t have any money.

But amid all this, viewers were in shock when they caught Kody wearing a $6K Vintage Rolex watch! How is he able to afford such a costly watch amid his claims of having no money? Is Kody lying to everyone about his financial condition?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wears A $6K Vintage Rolex Watch Amid Financial Struggles

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his entire family never built on the Coyote Pass property because they were lacking funds. He claimed that he didn’t have enough money even to pay off the land. Moreover, the celeb didn’t even get gifts for his 15 kids during Christmas in 2021.

Amid all this, fans were in disbelief when they saw Kody wearing a super expensive watch during the latest episode of Season 18. Recently, a Reddit thread started and pointed out in the episode named “The Writing Is on the Wall.” In it, Kody was wearing a $6K Vintage Rolex Watch!

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As per the thread, Kody wore a Rolex Datejust Men’s Diamond Watch with a Stainless Steel and Gold Band and a Blue Face. The OP stated that the original watch would reportedly cost around  $14,000 while a second-hand model would be almost $7k.

Sister Wives Fans were in shock to notice this as Kody had a super expensive watch after he allegedly didn’t contribute to most of his older kids’ marriages and talked about his money problems. A user wrote, “Asks for money from everyone and uses it on himself.” Another one added, “Family funds.” Someone further stated, “This infuriates me.”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Flashes His Brand New ‘Cool’ Ring Amid Money Issues

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been creating headlines with his super expensive accessories these days. He recently ignited viewers’s anger with his Rolex watch, but some eagle-eyed users were quick to notice his brand-new ring as well. Apparently, the patriarch was having a conversation with Meri as the latter was talking about the future of her clothing business.

But she wasn’t able to concentrate because of Kody’s new ring as it wasn’t the wedding band that he usually wore during his marriage years. The lone wolf stated, “That’s a different ring. Is that not something I should say?.”

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Kody didn’t pay much heed to the question and simply replied that it was just a “cool ring.” However, fans couldn’t take their eyes off the ring and claimed that it was a $1200 David Yurman design. This was a literal eye-brow raiser for the viewers.

Someone pointed out that while Kody was wearing a costly ring, Janelle was living in a tiny apartment clipping coupons! She even admitted to being financially stuck at the age of 50 with the Browns while she cried her heart out on the camera.

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