Sister Wives: Fans Caught Kody Lying About Christine, Such A Big Liar!

It was really hard for Kody Brown to accept that Christine was leaving her during Season 17 of Sister Wives. He never expected that his functional polygamous family would end up shattering like this. Hence, his frustration came out in many ways, and one of them was accusing Christine of endless things.

Kody said a lot about Christine and ended up making several accusations against her as well. After all this, fans were in shock recently when they caught Kody lying about Christine on national television! What did he say? Was he really lying?

Sister Wives: Was Kody Lying About Christine? What Did He Say?

Kody Brown has blamed Christine out of rage for many things. He felt that the latter was gaslighting his kids against him and was the main reason why he started to have an estranged relationship with his own children. Amid all this, Sister Wives fans were in shock when they again ended up catching him lying on national television.

Recently, a Reddit thread started and pointed out two contradictory claims that Kody has made about Christine. He initially bragged to his friends about how he won the latter’s heart and made her his wife. The celeb asserted that Christine was actually interested in someone else.

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But Kody now claimed that he was the one who chased Christine and ended up winning her heart. This came after he had already narrated a completely different story about meeting his third wife. The noted thread shared a post from Sister Wives in which the celeb explained that they both had a “spark” when he initially met each other.

Fans were quick to note that in the first story, Kody claimed that he had to put in effort to win Christine’s love. But in the second one, the celeb narrated that he and his third wife kind of had a love-at-first-sight thing going on, and there was an instant spark when they met each other. Hence, viewers felt that both statements were actually contradictory to each other.

Sister Wives: Fans Feel Kody Is A Consistent Liar! Caught More Of His Lies

Kody seemingly has a tendency to play with the words that fans have clearly understood now. After watching 18 seasons, viewers have now started to catch hold of all the lies and false claims that he has made over the years. Hence, many Sister Wives viewers took to Reddit and slammed the star for doing the same.

A user wrote, “Kody is a lying liar that lies.” Another one added, “Liar, liar, mouth on fire.” Someone further commented, “Who can keep up with the lies? They are all lying liars with zero integrity.” This came after fans ended up catching another significant lie about Kody that he had been carrying during the entire pandemic season.

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Kody initially claimed that he had listed down some rules for his family. He imposed them on his children and his wives. The patriarch made it clear that everyone had to abide by them. However, when things started to slip out of his hands, he was quick to change his statements.

Some viewers pointed out that Kody soon started to claim that he got the COVID-19 norms from a doctor! Fans were in shock to note how he played with his words again

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