Sister Wives: Fans Catch Robyn’s Lies After Spotting A Sneaky Detail In Christine’s Library!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was never on good terms with Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The two Sister Wives always stood against each other. The former has been quite vocal about her issues with Kody and his only remaining wife these days.

She has been spilling a lot of tea about the plural family. Recently, she raised eyebrows about a thing that caused great tension between all the wives. She revealed about all the wives working with the therapist to find out about their personality tests.

However, Robyn clearly denied all the claims and got offended after she called her personality that she loves drama. Now some fans have spotted a big proof of Robyn’s life in Christine’s library.

Sister Wives: Fans Spot A Major Detail On Christine’s Library About Her BPL!

The three-part Tell-All Segment is spilling a lot of tea about the Brown family dynamics these days. Fans of Sister Wives have been closely watching the new drama unfold between Kody, Robyn, and the exes.

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Recently, Christine stated that all the wives had been taking a personality test. She went ahead to reveal about Robyn, “Her personality type loves drama. They love drama.” Further, she also noted that the only wife has a personality that loves talking about their drama to ignore how others feel.

Christine went ahead to explain that her personality involves listening to others’ drama as well. However, Robyn completely denied going to any therapist and taking any tests. She also became a little dramatic about Chrisitne’s claims.

Sister Wives

However, a Sister Wives fan recently started a Reddit thread about Robyn’s lies. The OP posted a picture of some books from Christine’s library from Episode 1 of Season 17. The User went ahead to claim that Christine was telling the truth about the personality test after spotting the related books.

A fan stated that the book was called “Stop Walking on Eggshells.” Meanwhile, the others discussed that the book was written for people living with Borderline Personality Disorder. A different fan noted, “I just don’t understand why Robyn lied. It makes her so suspicious.” However, the others wondered for whom Christine bought it to deal with the BPL.

Sister Wives: Christine Reveals If She Wants To Reconcile WIth Robyn!

Robyn and Christine have come a long way in their separate journeys. The former has been living her dream life with Kody Brown. Meanwhile, Christine has found the love of her life, David Woolley.

Now, some Sister Wives fans have been predicting if the two would patch up ever after moving on from their issues. Recently, Christine clearly stated that she has no plans to patch up things with Kody’s only remaining wife.

But the TLC star has had enough of having any relationship with the mom of five. She also accused the reality TV star of saying one thing while doing another. She was in no mood to bring her back into her life after all she had done with her.

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