Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Mykelti For Her Nasty Move!

When Sister Wives star Christine decided to part ways with Kody, most of her kids chose their sides. She shares six children with the latter, and the majority are in her team. However, Mykelti was the one who opted to maintain her relationship with both her mother and father.

But it seems that while Mykelti was trying to strike a balance between her parents, she ended up doing something really nasty. Recently, viewers were in disbelief as they never expected her to do the same and slammed her because of it as well. What did Mykelti do?

Sister Wives: Mykelti Disgusts Her Viewers With Her Nasty Act! What Did She Do?

Sister Wives stars Mykelti and Tony have been creating headlines because of their Patreon account these days. They are spilling the tea about the Browns and are making some shocking revelations on the platform. Season 18 is also airing, which is again creating more controversies.

During a recent episode, fans got to know that Mykelti ended up doing a nasty act! She ended up disclosing the news of having twins to Robyn and Kody before telling it to her biological mother, Christine. Well, the star kid said that she “needed help” for “morning sickness,” because of which she had to share this news with Robyn first.

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Not only this, but Mykelti even told Christine about how she ended up telling this first to Robyn. This ignited Sister Wives fans’ anger as they felt that it was really unnecessary for her to tell Christine that she wasn’t the first one. Several viewers took the matter to Reddit and ended up slamming Mykelti for the same.

OP said, “I could never have a relationship with Robin if I was Christine’s daughter.” Another one added, “For me, it’s her lack of loyalty toward her mother.” After this, someone predicted, “She does it simply to hurt her mother.” Several fans even believed that Mykelti did this just to score a point in Robyn and Kody’s good books.

Sister Wives: Did Mykelti Do This To Spice Up The Season? All For The Sake Of Drama?

Nothing can miss the eyes of Sister Wives fans. They were quick to note that the chronology of the events was not aligning at all. As per the reports, Season 18 is featuring the events of July 2022 these days. But Mykelti ended up making her twin-baby announcement on Instagram in June 2022!

So, how is it even possible that Mykelti revealed the news to Robyn and Christine in July while she already disclosed this to the world in June itself? Hence, the majority of the viewers believed that this was just to add spice to the dynamics and make Season 18 more dramatic.

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Moreover, some fans pointed out that even if Mykelti was having morning sickness, she could have vaguely asked Robyn about the cure. However, revealing that she was having twins was completely unnecessary. Hence, viewers feel that this instance was presented in a more exaggerated way than it perhaps was in the first place.

Mykelti not revealing the news to Christine first and discussing it with Robyn seemed to be more controversial and appealing than the other way around. So, there is a fair chance that the makers just twisted the events a bit because of which fans aren’t able to trace the chronology of the events.

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