‘Sister Wives’ Did Janelle Brown Sell Her Coyote Pass Property?

Janelle Brown loves Coyote Pass so much that she moved onto the property and lived in her RV but has she sold it now? Sister Wives fans wonder about it because she’s not in a good place financially. In fact, TLC fans saw her weeping about that in a recent episode. Might her financial circumstances have forced her to sell? If she did, would actually relocate to Utah? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Always Lagged Behind In Nice Homes

Christine Brown owned a nice home in Flagstaff, and she sold it and relocated to Utah. Meanwhile, Meri stayed in a large home that seemed rather nice. Robyn and Kody, of course, live in their mansion. However, Janelle moved from her rental to her RV and back into a tiny rental. Actually, many fans wonder why none of those homes were ever built on Coyote Pass. Despite urging them to do something with the land, Kody’s second wife seems to have been ignored.

In July this year, Sister Wives fans saw that a property came up for sale on Coyote Pass. As they heard that Janelle had also separated from Kody, they wondered if Janelle Brown sold her portion of the land.  However, it turned out to belong to someone else. More recently, fans saw her talking about how the property was tying up all their cash. So, they might assume that she didn’t sell it. However, the show was filmed retrospectively, so things might have changed.


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Janelle Brown’s Property Has Sold?

If you worry that in a flash of temper with Kody the mom of Logan sold her property at Coyote Pass, it seems you can relax. According to property records, checked out by The Sun, she still owns it. The outlet reported this week, that she “still owns the $170,000 Coyote Pass property with her ex-husband Kody, despite renting a tiny apartment in Flagstaff, Arizona.”

TLC YouTube Sister Wives Janelle Brown
Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown – TLC YouTube

Janelle Brown and Kody paid off their land earlier this year. Additionally, they also managed to pay off the piece of ground in Robyn and Kody’s name that was owed to “Fidelity National Tite Agency.” As Kody’s name still sits on the title deeds, Janelle would probably have to sell it to him for a pittance. Or, she would have to get him to agree to sell. However, he seems to deliberately stand in her way as their relationship is so toxic.

Has Anyone Built Anything On The Land?

Apart from a small hardstand where she parked her RV, it seems that nothing else was constructed. The outlet noted, “The U.S. Sun can confirm the family has not begun plans to build on the property yet, as no new permits have been filed.” 

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