Sister Wives: David Woolley’s Feud With “Dumbass” Kody Brown Explained

Sister Wives' Christine Brown's husband, David Woolley, didn't hold back when he called her ex a "dumbass" even before meeting Kody Brown.


  •  Christine’s husband, David Woolley, called her ex-Kody Brown a “dumbass.”
  •  David thinks Kody is too opinionated and emotional.
  •  Kody tried to befriend David, but now they are enemies and Kody criticizes Christine.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, called her ex-husband, Kody Brown a “dumbass.” Christine married Kody in 1994, a few weeks before she turned 22-years-old. Christine was Kody’s third wife in his polygamist family but became the first of his four wives to leave the plural marriage. Christine’s physical relationship with the patriarch deteriorated to the extent that they had sex five times a year, and the intimacy itself was gone for years. Kody even told Christine, at one point, that they were not going to have an intimate marriage anymore.

Christine had begun boxing up Kody’s things as she had no place for him in her life anymore. Christine went public with her relationship with David on Valentine’s Day 2023. Christine crossed paths with David on a dating app. She had another date with a different man lined up for the night but canceled the date to meet David, and they immediately connected. Christine realized she had something special with David on their second date. David felt like home to Christine; they are a solid unit. David also knew Christine was the one for him from the start.

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Why Did David Woolley Call Kody Brown A “Dumbass”?

David Woolley and Sister Wives' Kody Brown, with a censored curse word

It was Christine who revealed how her husband David had used a blunt word to describe her ex, Kody. Christine said that David was well aware she was a reality TV star she was before their first date. The Cooking With Just Christine host spoke to People where she recalled David saying, “Kody’s a dumbass. Christine revealed that David knew of the show, “but he would rather not be on the show, he’d rather just be in my life,” Christine explained.

David Woolley Thinks Kody’s Too Opinionated & Emotional

David doesn’t live under a rock,” Christine admitted in the December 18, 2023, interview. It was during their second date that Christine “blurted out everything” and told him about the show. By then, David had already formed strong opinions about Kody. Christine and David’s second date was on David’s birthday, and Christine wanted to treat him to dinner. They also added a play to the itinerary, and it was while watching the play, that David saw the “animated” Christine who was “really passionate” about life. “That’s when it clicked,” David confessed during a Sister Wives: One on One episode.

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Kody Brown Tried To Befriend David Woolley (Now They’re Enemies)

Sister Wives' Kody Brown looking angry and confused with close up, faded photos of David Woolley behind him

Kody texted Christine on Valentine’s Day and told her it was wonderful that she had found her “soulmate.” He even met David for 15 minutes and had a very “mild, light conversation” with him. However, during the One on One, Kody claimed Christine was a “Sh*t sister wife,” and hoped that Christine would “probably” be a good wife to David. He believed Christine wasn’t happy, but she was “mocking” everything about his “pain.” He added, “She’s just kind of teasing, pushing buttons, being a mean girl.” Previously, Kody referred to Christine as “Machiavellian,” suggesting she was manipulative and cunning.

He’s definitely wrong on her being backstabbing and stuff like, oh, Machiavellian. No, she’s not that at all. I don’t see that,” David said in his wife’s defense, according to OKMagazine. “And I’m a people person. I can read people. She’s not that way at all […] Sometimes she’s a little clueless about things that go on,” he added. David said that his first impression of Kody was that he wears his emotions on his sleeve. “Sometimes you’ve got to not,” he added about the Sister Wives patriarch.

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