Sister Wives: David Woolley Underwent A Major Surgery — Had Christine By His Side

Sister Wives stars David and Christine have become everyone’s favorite. They recently walked down the aisle in a dream-like ceremony, which soon would be a part of the show. Fans aren’t able to control themselves and are eagerly waiting for the special premiere.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they learned about David’s health. He revealed that he hasn’t been keeping well and had to undergo surgery as well. What happened to him? Is he fine? Is Christine with him during his tough time?

Sister Wives: David Woolley Talks About His Recent Surgery

David Woolley soon became the apple of Sister Wives viewers’ eyes. They believe that he is a walking green flag and is a perfect match for Christine. Hence, they aren’t able to get enough of the couple’s chemistry and the love they share. Apparently, there have been several instances when these two make love-dovey posts for each other on social media.

Recently, Christine made one such post and gushed over David’s presence in her life. She posted her selfie and admitted that she is “married to the right person.” The celeb added that she felt more independent than she had ever been in her life and seemed to be really happy.

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David also didn’t hold himself back and took to the comment section. He revealed that he had a “surgery last Friday.” But Christine was there with him to support him. The new Sister Wives celeb added, “I’ve never been taken care of like Christine has done for me.” As per Woolley, he has the “best wife” and has finally found his “soulmate.”

This comment raised concern among the viewers. Several fans replied to him and asked if he was fine and what his surgery was about. However, David hasn’t revealed anything about his treatment till now. But users are praying for his speedy recovery and hoping that he gets well soon.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Finally Changed Her Name?

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Christine to introduce herself as Christine Woolley now. However, she hasn’t officially changed her name till now and has been continuing with her Brown surname even after parting ways with Kody. But it seems that the Sister Wives celeb finally did the honors.

While David was expressing his love for Christine during his recent comment, he addressed her as Christine Woolley. He wrote, “Love you so much, Christine Woolley!!.” Fans shed tears of joy and rushed to Reddit to discuss the same. Soon, a thread started with the title, “David confirms Christine’s name change in the comment.”

Someone revealed in the comments that Christine can use Woolley as her official name while she would continue with Brown as her professional name. Amid all this, many viewers even praised David for the treatment and acknowledgment that he has been given to Christine.

A user wrote, “I’m so glad she finally has a husband who supports her.” Another one added, “David seems like a sweetheart.” Someone further commented, “So nice for Christine to be appreciated!.”

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