Sister Wives: David Woolley Thinks Kody Brown Is “A Dumbass”

David Woolley has finally made his debut on Sister Wives Season 18, and viewers can’t get enough of him. He has talked about how he met Christine and fell in love with her. The new celeb even gave his input about the chaotic dynamics of the Brown family and revealed what he feels particularly about Kody!

Fans were in shock when David ended up calling Kody a dumbass! But why did he do so? What are Woolley’s feelings for Christine’s ex-husband?

Sister Wives: Here’s Why David Called Kody A Dumbass

Sister Wives star David Woolley has been candid about what he feels about Christine and her past. He talked about Kody and stated that the latter always carries his emotions on his sleeves. The celeb felt that things could have been a bit overwhelming for Kody, but he could never become that in his life.

Amid all this, Christine revealed that she kept everything about her past crystal clear with David. She stated that the latter never lived “under a rock” ever. The famous TLC celeb decided to talk about all the chaotic dynamics during their second date.

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During a recent interview with People, Christine revealed that she “blurted out everything” and also talked about Sister Wives to David. Woolley knew about the show and believed that he would prefer being in Christine’s life rather than being on the show.

Christine also stated that after hearing everything, David’s instant reaction was, ‘Kody’s a dumbass.’ Even though Woolley believes that Kody is a “dumbass,” he didn’t trash-talk about him during the Tell All segment at all.

David even noted that their second date was on his birthday, which was when he actually fell in love with Christine. They went to a play, and there he was able to see the real side of her and fell for the way she was passionate about everything in life.

Sister Wives: David Expresses How He Felt Making His Debut On TV!

David Woolley recently made his debut in the franchise. It was one of the most anticipated moments. After all, fans eagerly waited for him to join the Tell All segment of Sister Wives. During the recent Tell All segment, Christine first gushed about her new man and then called him to sit next to her on the couch.

Apparently, it was the first time David was facing the camera, and viewers were curious to know about his experience. He recently took to Instagram and gave a candid reaction about his appearance on Sister Wives for the first time.

David shared a carousel of selfies with Christin. Then, he revealed in the caption, “I’ve never been in front of a camera, and I was so nervous.” Yet he admitted that he was “thrilled” to let the world know that he has finally found his “unicorn.” The celeb also praised the Tell All host, Sukanya, for being incredible.

Fans loved David’s debut on the show. In fact, many of them even called it to be the “best” part of the Tell All segment. Moreover, viewers felt that Woolley was really honest and was putting up his opinion in a chivalric way.

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