Sister Wives: David & Christine Have Adorable Matching Tattoos! Did You Know?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is currently enjoying her honeymoon phase with David Woolley. She has left all the toxicity behind and is having fun with her beau. The couple has ended up becoming couple goals, and viewers aren’t able to get enough of them.

Recently, fans couldn’t stop gushing over Christine and David as they flaunted their matching tattoos on social media. Viewers felt that it was a really wholesome way to show their commitment towards each other. What does their tattoo mean? What are these two up to these days?

Sister Wives: David & Christine Have Matching Tattoos!

From matching outfits to matching tattoos, Christine and David have come a long way. Their chemistry and love have already made it to the headlines during their dating era, and now Sister Wives viewers are watching them live their happily-ever-after phase!

Lately, Christine and David have been enjoying their honeymoon these days. They are exploring new places and are spending some quality time with each other. Amid all this, fans were quick to notice that now this couple even has matching tattoos.

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Sister Wives

Apparently, David has many tattoos on his arms and chest. But Christine also decided to get one of them. Apparently, Woolley has a mysterious yet beautiful tattoo that can be spotted between the two turtles on his chest. That is the one that Christine also got on herself.

A Reddit thread started and praised the couple for this “sweet” gesture of “commitment. A Redditor even revealed that this tattoo means “begin anew.” So, there is a fair chance that Christine and David got this tattoo to mark the new phase that they have started together after walking down the aisle.

Someone further predicted that this was actually one of “88 Zibu symbols.” The Sister Wives fan explained, “There are 88 symbols in all, and they all carry special energies that can help change any area of human life.” So, it is possible that they would have chosen one of them and decided to get it on themselves.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Enjoying A Cruise Date With David Woolley

Sister Wives stars Christine and David recently walked down the aisle in the most dreamy way possible. Everything was perfect, and fans were trying to get over that day. Then, after exchanging vows, the couple went on their honeymoon trip and posted many lovey-dovey pictures together.

Recently, Christine took to Instagram and shared a stunning picture with David and Janelle. The snap was from their recent Plexus-sponsored trip. However, fans couldn’t take their eyes off Christine because of her slim figure and gorgeous outfit. She wore a black printed sheer dress, giving her viewers a closer look at her weight loss.

Christine decided to pair her sheer dress with a black bra top and shorts. She decided to go for a minimal makeup look while she left her blonde hair open. The celeb happily grinned at the camera as she was around her favorite people on the earth. Several viewers agreed in the comment section that Christine has actually started to glow since the time she met David.

Moreover, some viewers even noted that Christine now has a sheen on her face, and happiness is evident. Hence, fans are glad to know that she is living the best of her life and is getting the love and treatment that she has always deserved.

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