Sister Wives: Current Situation Of Kody’s $820K Coyote Pass Property REVEALED

Kody Brown, along with the Sister Wives, once bought a $820k property to build their dream home. He had a dream of building a property where all his spouses could live closer to each other. Finally, they pooled all their money to buy five parcels of land in Coyote Pass in 2018.

He allocated equal portions of land to all his four wives and reserved one for himself. Seemingly, Janelle was more than excited to build the property, and she burnt the midnight oil to fulfill the dream.

Now that the entire family structure is disintegrated, fans want updates about their future dreamland. They are also interested to know if Kody’s exes would still build a house near the patriarch. Do you think they have started the work?

Sister Wives: Kody & His Exes Still Want To Build Their Dream Houses On The Coyote Pass Property?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown failed to save his plural family. He is now living a monogamous life with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. All his exes have moved on in their lives and are enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, Christine recently married her new partner, David Woolley.

Now, fans want to know if their large Coyote Pass property has updates. Apparently, the Browns invested huge amounts of money toward making it their dreamland. The patriarch had a dream of making separate homes for his wives so they could happily live around each other.

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Kody’s second wife, Janelle, had massive plans for the property. She was the one who made big sacrifices for the construction and started living in an RV. Recently, TheSun has revealed some pictures of the $820K land.

Sister Wives

Now, it appears that the land has remained untouched after five years of purchase. Previously, they had taken some pictures in April this year. In it, the massive land showed no signs of construction. Now the latest pictures revealed the same as the construction still has not started.

Also, the pictures revealed loads of uncut crass on the property. It included a wooden fence that indicates the property. Well, Janelle and the other exes of Kody Brown are not willing to do construction on the Coyote Pass property yet. Now, Sister Wives fans will have to wait to see if the Browns will ever build their dream homes or not.

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Sell Her Share Of Property To Kody Brown?

Kody’s Coyote Pass property started the entire family drama. Janelle was super excited about the property and worked hard to save up for the same. She even started living in an RV and took extreme measures.

However, Janelle had a reality check about her financial position during her blowout fight with Kody in Sister Wives Season 18. The star cried her heart out and claimed that she was financially broke after leaving Kody because of pooling all the money into their dream home.

Sister Wives

Now, fans are assuming that Janelle sold her share of land to the patriarch. As per reports, Kody’s second wife still owns $170K worth of land. Hence, it is clear that she still dreams of building her home on the land.

However, fans think that it’s a bad idea to return to the chaotic environment after moving on from Kody

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