Sister Wives: Christine’s Shocking Past Revealed —Appeared On HBO Before Landing TLC’s Show With Kody

Christine Brown was the first wife of Kody Brown to detach herself from the plural family. She had been struggling to come up with a decision after staying in an unhappy marriage for years. She wanted some respect and intimacy in her marriage. So, the Sister Wives celeb made her way out from the family of her mental peace

`Well, Christine has set the bar too high after walking out of the marriage. She found a loving and caring partner for herself and fulfilled all her dreams. Recently, she walked down the aisle with her dream man, and fans cheered for her. Now, fans are interested in knowing about her life before the show. Let’s have a look at her past!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Had A Strong Connection With Polygamy Before Her Marriage With Kody!

Christine Brown from Sister Wives grabbed a lot of attention recently after tying the knot with David Woolley. She became a fan favorite with her courage and boldness in the past few seasons. Christine left the polygamous family two years ago after she failed to be happy.

But it appears that the Sister Wives celeb has had a deep connection with polygamy before even marrying Kody Brown. As per Screenrant, she is considered royalty in the fundamentalist Mormon sect called Apostolic United Brethren or AUB.

Seemingly, Kody Brown noticed her and took an interest in her for the same reasons. The patriarch called her a blue-blooded polygamist because the string of her family goes really, really deep. Christine was raised in a polygamous environment. It was because of her family’s involvement with the arrangement for three generations.

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The Sister Wives celeb Christine’s great-grandfather was as popular as Byron Allred. Later, his son Rulon C. became the founder of AUB. The group has a belief that staying in a plural marriage allows a person to receive the highest glory in heaven and become celestial.

Also, Christine’s grandfather Rulon had three child brides. However, his polygamy-related crimes resulted in a prison sentence twice in his life. Now, fans can understand why Christine was a big supporter of polygamy throughout her life. Well, she still supports the arrangement, but she thinks it doesn’t work for her anymore.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Was A Part Of TV Even Before The Show?

Christine Brown has a habit of impressing the audience with her confidence and awesome personality. Fans always wondered how she said yes to Kody Brown despite being a strong and independent woman. Well, her strings to polygamy have made it clear.

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But it appears that she was also a part of the TV world before Sister Wives came into her life. Reports revealed recently that the celeb starred in an HBO documentary in 2007. It was a 48-hour-long documentary to discuss her life before her plural marriage with Kody Brown.

Also, the purpose of the show was to educate people about the plural marriage life. Kody Brown initially tried making Sister Wives as an educational show. In fact, the reality TV celebrity was a lecturer at the University of Utah in 2009.

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