Sister Wives: Christine’s Hubby David Woolley Finally Debuts On The Show!

The wait is finally over! David Woolley is finally going to make his debut on Sister Wives Season 18. Initially, viewers were skeptical whether they’d be able to meet him during the current edition or not. But the network seems to be generous enough not to keep their audience waiting for long and has finally introduced David to the world.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they got to know about David’s appearance in the latest season. What is he going to reveal? Will he make his debut during the Tell All segment? What is the celeb up to now?

Sister Wives: David Woolley Is About To Make His TV Debut!

Hold your breaths because you are about to meet Christine’s new beau on Sister Wives now. Apparently, fans had been waiting for this day since she introduced David to the world. Their wholesome love story has been a head-turner for everyone, and they aren’t getting enough of it at all.

It wasn’t a hidden fact that David would someday debut on Sister Wives because he has been spotted with the camera crew several times. But viewers weren’t sure if he’ll appear on the show anytime soon. Hence, it was a shock for the entire fan base when they got to know that Woolley would be a part of Season 18’s Tell All segment.

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David would be making his debut with Sukanya Krishnan on her next week’s One-on-One Sister Wives special segment. The latest sneak peek from the upcoming episode featured the host asking Janelle if she had met David in person. She was quick to reply with a “Yes” and added, “Oh, I think he’s great.”

Christine then teased her audience, “You’re going to meet the love of my life,” after Sukanya said, “David, come on out!.” Soon, Woolley was in front of the camera as he greeted the host and sat near Christine. Fans aren’t able to control their excitement at what David would reveal on the show.

Sister Wives: Will Kody Be Comfortable In Sharing Stage With David? What All Tell All Has To Offer?

Tell All segments have always been everyone’s favorite. This is the only time when all the stars are held accountable for all the mess that they had made during the entire season. Apparently, Sister Wives Season 18 has already been a dramatic one, and Tell All would be the cherry on the cake.

As the network has hinted at David’s debut, it is evident that the Tell All segment won’t disappoint anyone. Now viewers are wondering how Kody would be able to cope with Woolley’s presence on the same set. But it seems that the former still has a lot of issues to deal with before this one.


In the clip, Kody was featured talking about his estranged wives, “They’re trash-talking me because I’m guilty of not loving them.” On the other hand, Robyn continued with her hysterical crying over the shattered family dynamics. She said with tears in her eyes, “I don’t know how to let this go.” She continued, “This just isn’t me being dramatic. Thank you, Christine.”

Hence, it is evident that Robyn still considers Christine to be the reason for the disintegration of the family. So, it would be interesting to watch how the latter would deal with these accusations and how David would react to them

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