Sister Wives: Christine’s Daughters Feel Betrayed As Kody Gives SPECIAL Treatment To Aurora!

Sister Wives fans have been slamming Kody Brown because of his biased treatment of Ysabel and Aurora. They were in shock to know that he actually decided to accompany the latter to get a piercing. But he chose to skip Christine’s daughter’s surgery! Amid all this, recently, some of his daughters finally decided to react to this and revealed some shocking information as well. They revealed feeling “hurt” by Kody’s favoritism, leaving fans in tears. What did Christine’s daughters reveal? What do they think about this?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Daughter Says Family Feels Hurt Because Of Kody’s Patriality

Kody Brown is currently receiving backlash for not treating Aurora and Ysabel equally. He apparently didn’t travel with Christine’s daughter for her major surgery. But the Sister Wives celeb decided to accompany his stepgirl with Robyn to get a piercing! Fans were in shock when they learned about this partiality. Amid all this, Mykelti agreed to talk about the elephant in the room. She revealed how her sisters felt when they got to know about this so-called father-daughter moment between Kody and Aurora.


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Recently, Katie Joy revealed that Mykelti Padron talked about Kody’s hypocrisy on Patreon a few days back. The latter confessed that all of her sisters were “extremely hurt.” They never expected that the patriarch would choose to film this event, and it would be a part of Sister Wives. As per the star kid, Kody strictly refused all his daughters to get piercings till they were living under his roof. But he ended up allowing Robyn’s daughter Aurora the same and even went along with her!

Mykelti admitted that all of Christine’s daughters were actually sad. They felt that they “had a different dad” who was actually very “rude” about earrings and piercings. The Sister Wives celeb claimed that her father even used to make some “disparaging comments” about women who got such things! But now Kody happily accompanied his stepdaughter to get the same!

Sister Wives: Mykelti Warned Kody About The Piercing Scene Beforehand

Christine’s daughter Mykelti claimed that she was well aware of this incident after Kody filmed it. Yet she was hoping that the latter wouldn’t let this scene become a part of her family show. The Sister Wives star kid confessed that she even warned her father beforehand and told him that putting this in the new edition wasn’t a good idea at all. Apparently, Mykelti tried her best to stop Kody as she knew that this would actually upset her sisters to their core. However, the same happened, and Christine’s daughters were hurt because of the sudden change in Kody’s heart!

Sister Wives

Mykelti believes that Kody is now “lacking” a storyline for the show. She further revealed that Robyn’s kids are really “sheltered and controlled.” Christine’s daughter admitted that because of extreme control, all of the star kids are actually “socially awkward.” Hence, Mykelti felt that Aurora was excited to get out of her house just because she hardly got to leave. However, amid all this, viewers were heartbroken to know that Ysabel and her sisters were upset because of Kody’s patriality! Keep returning to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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