Sister Wives: Christine Refuses To Be Friends With Kody! — “NAIVE To Think Of A Friendship”

The new season of Sister Wives has just started, and the family has started to break. Christine and Kody are in a very weird place in their relationship right now. The former stood strong for her peace and chose to walk away from their marriage. She demanded a divorce from her polygamous husband in the last season. However, Season 18 is shedding light on how their lives unfolded after the mother-of-six decided to split. Things between the patriarch and his wife became really bitter during the split. Now, they are not even ready to remain friends. Recently, Christine refused to remain friends with her ex-husband. Why doesn’t she want any kind of relationship with her ex?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares Her Thoughts On Being Friends With Kody!

Christine and Kody called off their plural marriage in Season 17. Now, fans are excited to see what really happened in their lives after the split. The recent episode of Sister Wives reflected on their views about being friends with each other. Christine revealed how she prioritized her husband’s needs for years. Also, she wanted to be the “best wife ever” even if she didn’t matter to him. Christine said she had done anything he needed her to do, but she was done now. The TLC star made it clear that she was not going to do a thing for him anymore. Meanwhile, she was hoping to be able to just be friends eventually. Christine thought that it was more like how they should move forward and be in each other’s company.


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Then, Christine claimed that she wanted to rather just come from a sincere place of just being friends. But she didn’t know if that would be naive. Further, Kody added that he didn’t know either if it was possible. Later, he confessed to the camera that he couldn’t let bygones be bygones after what she did to him. Also, there’s no way for him to enjoy her company, as he couldn’t understand Christine. The patriarch went on to explain that he, too, was done after having a meal together. Kody just wanted to get away from her, and he didn’t know any more of it. 

Sister Wives: Christine Is Not Ready To Help Kody With His Grief Counselling After Breakup!

Christine Brown is showing a completely different side of herself in the latest season. She is ready to face her polygamous husband with complete boldness now. The ex Sister Wives couple met recently to discuss a few things about their divorce in the latest episode. In it, Kody demanded to go for a breakup counseling

or something like that. However, Christine laughed at the patriarch and claimed that no such thing existed. Further, she added that they should rather go for grief counseling.

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However, Kody states how he wanted his ex-wife to stop hating him and move on with life. Hence, he believed that a counseling session would help. However, Christine remained calm and composed to not vent her anger on him. She was against it and had always been against it, even when Kody had advised going to therapy during their marriage. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on the new dynamics of the Sister Wives family. 

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