Sister Wives: Christine on Janelle being ’still with Kody’ because ‘she has nothing in her name’

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, the Browns grapple with life after separation, Christine's talks about post-divorce dating.

In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family came together virtually, except for Meri Brown, to celebrate Mykelti and Tony Padron’s baby gender reveal. However, the focus shifted when Christine Brown hosted a farewell dinner for her daughter Ysabel, who was returning to North Carolina for college. The conversation shifted towards Christine’s post-divorce dating experiences, as the family shared their insights and concerns.

During the dinner, Christine talked about her mixed feelings about dating after her divorce. She admitted to feeling frustrated and uncertain about navigating the dating world. Her family gave suggestions, including using a fake name on a dating app, but Christine emphasized that she is happy with her current life. “I think dating sounds like fun. It’s been frustrating,” Christine said. “But it’s not like I go out that much, too, you know? And how do I be public like that?”

Kody’s shift away from polygamy


As the episode moved forward, Kody Brown, who has transitioned to monogamy with Robyn but has not officially ended his marriages with Meri and Janelle, revealed a significant shift in his perspective. He expressed that he no longer felt like a polygamist, talking about the long period of time since he visited Janelle and his limited involvement in Meri’s life. “It’s been 10 months since I’ve been to Janelle’s house. I don’t even know what’s going on hardly half the time with Meri’s life,” he admitted.

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Janelle’s complex feelings


Janelle Brown, who accompanied Christine on a road trip, shared her perspective on her current situation. She highlighted the positives of not having Kody around. “I have a very busy life. I love going to bed at night and reading my book and turning out the light when I want to turn it out,” she told Christine. “The dogs are on the bed with me because he never could stand that. I get to do my thing, you know?”

Christine also said, “One of the reasons she’s still with Kody is because of this because she has nothing in her name.”

The episode also featured discussions about the challenges and legal aspects of polygamy. Janelle suggested that giving polygamist wives legal status would empower them financially and legally. Christine, who left her “spiritual” marriage to Kody, emphasized the importance of legal marriage for protection.

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