Sister Wives: Christine Mistreated Her Aunt For Being Against Polygamy, Fans Slam Her For Hypocrisy!

At the beginning of Sister Wives, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Meri were huge advocates of plural marriages. Not only did they embrace their own lifestyle, but they were against people discouraging anyone from indulging in it. One of those people was Kristyn Decker, i.e., Christine’s Aunt. She has spoken against plural marriage and also runs a non-profit. It is to help women who have just come out of polygamy. Now that Christine is out of her toxic marriage with Kody, fans feel it is high time she apologizes to her aunt. She should do so for not believing her the first time. Here’s why they think the star is acting like a hypocrite!

Sister Wives: Fans Want Christine Brown To Apologize To Her Aunt! Mistreated Her?

Christine Brown has been emerging as the MVP since the last two seasons of Sister Wives. She was the first one to call her marriage off with Kody Brown. Since then, the star appeared in many interviews and expressed in the confessional on her own show that she wishes to be monogamous. But something strange has come to the fans’ notice. It turns out that Christine’s aunt Kristyn Decker was a part of the show for her views opposing plural marriages. So, the third wife defended her choices back in the day because she believed in being happy with Kody and his other spouses.


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Years later, Christine is ready to start her happily ever after again with David Woolley in a monogamous family. So, fans feel her aunt was right. Hence, they want the Sister Wives star to make peace with the family member. For the unversed, Kristyn Decker not only runs a nonprofit for female victims of plural marriages but is also an author of Fifty Years In Polygamy: Big Secrets And Little White Lies, Uncensored. It is based on her own experience of being and breaking free from a plural marriage. However, Christine has never spoken up about her aunt since her appearance on the show.

Many believe there is a chance Christine might have made peace with her aunt for guiding her in the right direction, even if she understood it a bit late. Or she has forgotten the things from the past and happily moved on in her life with a monogamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Christine’s Aunt Kristyn Believes Kody Intentionally Made His Wives Leave Him?

Kristyn Decker opened up about Sister Wives and her niece Christine in an interview. While talking about them, she explained a lot of things about the Mormon culture. She mentioned how the church teaches the wives in a polygamous arrangement to stay and not part ways with their husbands no matter how much the inconvenience. At the same time, the author mentioned that it is more “acceptable” for a wife to leave her husband rather than vice versa.

Sister Wives

Hence, there is a huge possibility that Kody drove his wives away, as per Kristyn. However, it is just her theory and opinion. None of the castmates have hinted at this possibility. In fact, in the latest season, Kody Brown has been in a regretful state of mind, wishing he should have done more to make Meri, Janelle, and Christine stay. Well, only time will tell what the truth is. How do you feel about Christine’s bond with her Aunt Kristyn? Let us know in the comments. Until then, keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives updates.

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