Sister Wives: Christine & Janelle Get Candid About Their Past

Christine and Janelle have come a long way since their divorce from Kody Brown. The Sister Wives had always been very close to each other. However, the former was the first to ditch the polygamous life. She parted ways with the patriarch to start afresh and embrace freedom.

Janelle followed her best friend’s footsteps later and called off her marriage. They still hang out together and meet each other’s children often. The reality TV stars also represent Plexus and enjoy several vacations together. Janelle is also getting along well with Christine’s new husband.

The trio has had an amazing time together on various occasions. Recently, the best friends got candid about some personal details from their lives from when they were a part of the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Christine & Janelle Open Up About Some Personal Details From Their Married Life With Kody!

Christine and Janelle love talking about their wholesome moments from when they were in the polygamous family. They spent decades with each other in such an arrangement. Sister Wives of the series have witnessed the kind of friendship they always had.

Recently, the two best friends sat down with Reality Show Secrets to spill some personal details from their lives. However, that didn’t mean Christine and Janelle were comfortable talking about their intimate life. As per Usweekly, they thought that the topic was very off-limits while filming the show.

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The former stated, “We’ve never filmed, like, bedroom intimate things like that. I’m not going to discuss it.” Meanwhile, Janelle claimed that she would never discuss the topic and didn’t want to know about it. The duo called each other classy for not discussing each other’s intimate life.

90 Day Fiance

Both women are completely against doing any kind of girlfriend talk ever. Later, Kody’s exes spilled about who takes the longest to get ready. Surprisingly, Christine revealed, “Oh, Kody takes the longest to get ready.” while her bestie from Sister Wives agreed.

The latter also joked that she raised six kids to get ready in 20 minutes or less despite working full time. Further, the friends also opened up about each other’s cooking skills. Janelle quickly said that her dear friend is the best cook because she takes it as fun and not a chore. However, Christine did add that Janelle had some great recipes, too.

Sister Wives: Christine & Janelle Betrayed Kody When He Had COVID-19

Christine and Janelle always stood with each other through their highs and lows. In Sister Wives, Kody often complains about their influence on each other in their personal lives. He even accused Christine of turning his second wife against him.

Recently, Kody made another accusation against the two for leaving him alone during COVID. He stated that they were on vacation when he was down with the disease. Later, Christine revealed how her former husband called Janelle to return because he had coronavirus.

They could only drop medicine on his doorstep because of the quarantine. But the doctor refused them to go near him or visit him. Also, Christine asked her best friend if he cared for her when she had COVID. She did so to further reveal his double standards.

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