Sister Wives: Christine Has A Gross Habit & Fans Are Going Crazy Over It

Christine Brown has become a fan-favorite for leaving Kody Brown’s toxic plural marriage. She received lots of love from the fans for taking a stand for her self-respect. Now, the Sister Wives celeb is enjoying her fairytale love story with David Woolley.

Now, it appears that the TLC star left her fans feeling disgusted with a gross thing. Seemingly. Christine was the one who always had an issue with Janelle’s weird habits. She doesn’t like the unusual eating habit and finds it disgusting. So, what she has done?

Sister Wives: Fans Spotted A Gross Thing Done By Christine Brown!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown usually made headlines for her life updates and happy moments with David. But now, she is raising eyebrows for a very unusual thing. Recently, the mom-of-six met her best friend Janelle to celebrate Easter in the new episode of Season 18.

Kody’s ex-wife and her best friend gathered together with their families for some amazing fun moments. All of them made easter eggs, prepared nice meals, and hunted eggs for the celebrations. However, a fan took to Reddit to discuss something gross by Christine Brown.

The OP wrote, “Was anyone grossed out about Christine.” Seemingly, the fan spotted the reality TV star putting an unwrapped candy with money inside the eggs. However, fans were quite disgusted to see her wrapping money with the candy.

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They were quick to share their anger in the comment section. One fan wrote, “As someone who used to be a bank teller yes it’s so gross.” Meanwhile, the others called out Christine for not having the common knowledge that money is disgusting.

Further, a different one noted, “Bank teller here, money is as gross as used toilet paper. I wash my hands abt 50x a day.” Several others were grossed out at Christine for neglecting basic hygiene during the festival. They lashed out at her, putting the gross and germy money in an unwrapped candy in the same egg.

Sister Wives: Kody Accuses Christine Brown Of Influencing Janelle For The Split!

Christine and Kody Brown no longer share the same bond and affection as they had in the beginning. The couple parted ways after the former decided to stand up for her self-worth. Meanwhile. Kody is busy managing his relationship with his other three wives.

Seemingly, Janelle is not ready to reconcile with the patriarch. Now, the dad of eighteen thinks that Christine is the root cause of his relationship issues with Janelle. Recently, he claimed that Christine has so much influence on his second wife.

Sister Wives

Hence, finds it pathetic that the latter doesn’t find a reason to stay. Kody believes that everything is normal between him and Janelle, and they hang out together once in a while. So he couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to reconcile.

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