Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Wedding Was Truly TRAGIC & SAD, Reveals Family Member!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has finally exchanged vows with her dream man, David Woolley, in a scenic view. She has renounced all the dramas and issues that came with her plural marriage. Several pictures from the couple’s big day soon started to surface on the internet.

Hence, viewers were sure that Christine and David had a perfect wedding. But it seems that is not the case. Recently, fans were in shock when a family member revealed that the couple’s marriage was truly tragic and sad! But why? What happened?

Sister Wives: Why Was Christine’s Wedding Day Tragic & Sad?

Christine Brown from Sister Wives has faced a lot in her life. She finally escaped her dramatic and chaotic plural marriage after years. Hence, fans manifested a perfect day for the celeb as she had undergone agony for decades.

But it seems that Christine’s dream wedding wasn’t as good as she might have manifested it to be! Recently, a family member made some shocking revelations and claimed that her marriage day was actually tragic and sad!

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Recently, Katie Joy shared a clip in which Mykleti revealed that her sister Gwen decided to skip Christine’s wedding without any prior notice. She explained that it was a “shock” for her when she realized that the latter wasn’t coming because she didn’t give any reason for her absence.

Mykelti added, “I didn’t know that she wasn’t going to be there. That’s a her [question].” But she was really sure that it was really “tragic” for Christine! Tony added, “Your mom’s definitely sad about it.”

Mykelti sadly agreed and nodded to the same! She wondered how many “reasons” could be behind this. The Sister Wives celeb predicted that perhaps there was some kind of “emergency” or maybe “there could have been nothing, who knows?.” After all this, Mykelti seemed to be really sure that Gwen’s absence was definitely “sad” for Christine!

Sister Wives: Mykelti Reveals If Gwen Was Jealous Of Christine Or Not!

After fans got to know that Sister Wives star Gwen ended up missing out on Christine’s wedding, several speculations started to surface on the internet. Numerous rumors claimed that the former was jealous of her mother because of all the attention the latter’s wedding got.

Apparently, it was evident that Christine’s marriage was more in the limelight as compared to her daughter’s because of the obvious reasons. Hence, this made the viewers wonder if Gwen ended up skipping her mother’s big day just because of the jealousy factor.

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Recently, Mykelti replied to the speculations and stated, “Not at all.” She made it clear that at least jealousy couldn’t be the reason for Gwen’s absence. As per the star, her sister never wanted to publicize anything related to her wedding or never wanted to “show” it as well.

Hence, Mykelti believes that Gwen could never be “upset” just because her mother was getting more “attention” than her. So, for now, fans are still confused about why Gwen would skip Christine’s big day when the latter has done a lot for her since day one!

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