‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown’s Epic Response To Robyn’s Demand

Sister Wives star Christine Brown gave an epic response regarding former sister wife, Robyn Brown’s demand. She has felt so betrayed since her three sister wives left the marriage but now, she is asking them to give her something. So, what is it and what does Christine have to say about it? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Christine Brown’s Epic Response To Robyn’s Demand

Christine Brown feels so free now that she is no longer married to Kody Brown. Finally finding the love of her life in David Woolley and planning her dream wedding has been the best feeling. Of course, Robyn Brown still considers her a sister wife and wishes things could be different. Regardless of everything that has transpired with favoritism and harsh words by Kody, Christine has been kind. She, along with Meri and Janelle Brown, have all said that they want Kody and Robyn to be happy together.

Robyn, Kody/YouTube
Robyn, Kody-YouTube
David Woolley, Christine Brown-Instagram
David Woolley, Christine Brown-Instagram
Christine Brown spoke out on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast and shared how she’s handling that situation. “She wants me to go up to her verbally and say, ‘You can have [Kody Brown]’? Girl, never going to happen. She wants us to go say to her off camera, ‘Your majesty, you can have him now’? No. It’s never going to happen.” Christine also added she is “so grateful to not live in her mind.”

“She must be very, very, very sad to watch it all crumble and to feel so powerless to hold it all together. She just does not have what it takes to hold it all together. She doesn’t. And I think she just must feel like she’s thinking that she’s losing something that could be so beautiful. I remember grieving that five years ago and I couldn’t hold it together either.”

Living Her Best Life

Christine Brown is happy for Kody and Robyn Brown. She hopes they continue to be happy and wishes them no ill will as she is in her own love bubble. However, that does not mean she will cave into Robyn’s demands. When Christine shared she was leaving the family, Robyn made it all about herself and what she was losing. More so, she made it clear on Sister Wives that Christine was never actually divorced in her eyes. So, it seems Christine is just giving back to Robyn what she gave to her.

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Do you think Christine is playing dirty or being fair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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