‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Wins Lottery

Christine Brown and David Woolley married on the weekend and now she feels as if she won the lottery. Actually, both of them gush about each other a lot. And, that’s a good thing. After all, Kody brown wasn’t very nice to her, Sister Wives critics agree.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And David Woolley’s Wedding

David accepted his new girl despite her complicated past. Actually, he knew just how complex family life can be. Although he wasn’t into polygamy, he and his late first wife, Margaret had a bunch of kids. Additionally, he also accepted that where his new wife goes, Janelle will be there. Actually, she attended the wedding but Robyn and Meri’s absences were noted.

Christine Brown tied the knot with David Woolley in front of 300 guests and family. Delighted, she revealed her thoughts on social media. Gushing about the ceremony, she said, “It was an incredible experience with our family and friends. We’re finally married with the wedding of our dreams.” Naturally, TLC fans were thrilled for her. After all, as the third wife, Kody Brown didn’t exactly go over the top on her first wedding.


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Sister Wives Christine Brown Won The Lottery, David Agrees

TLC fans heard that his new wife wasn’t the only person who gushed after they tied the knot. People cited David as saying ““I’m really very lucky, and very happy that someone let her go, because she’s a unicorn.” Sorry Kody, not sorry! Still raving about their new man, the TLC star found more good things to say about the type of man she found in Utah.

Sister Wives 'Sister Wives' Christine Brown Wins Lottery Instagram
Sister Wives – Christine Brown And David Woolley – Instagram
People magazine also reported that Christine Brown claimed her man “has more integrity than anybody I know…” More than that, he’s one of those old-fashioned men where a simple word or handshake stands as strong as well as any signed contract. She noted, “If he says he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it.” That was not the end of his praises, either. She also gushed, “He’s a phenomenal person, to the core. He’s just outstanding. Yeah, I just feel like I won a gold mine, major. I won the lottery with him.”

Sister Wives Wedding?

Christine Brown reportedly had a lot of security at the wedding in Utah. Film crews were seen, and that’s the best news for TLC fans. Of course, they want to share in the joy of the special day when David made Kody’s ex feel as if she had won the lottery. Would the network pass up the ratings that a wedding special might bring? It seems unlikely.

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