Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shares ADORABLE Pics From Her Honeymoon — So Cute!!

Christine Brown is enjoying her new life with her husband, David Woolley, these days. The pair loves exploring fun activities and different places together. Previously, the Sister Wives fans have seen her spending an amazing family vacation with her partner.

They enjoyed their engagement period by hanging out together and bonding with each other’s families. David and Christine walked down the aisle earlier this month and surprised the entire fanbase. She had a wish to walk down the aisle with her dad.

However, she couldn’t do that in her previous marriage. Christine finally fulfilled her wish in her second marriage. Now, it appears that the couple is already on their Honeymoon. But where are they?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Surprises Fans With A Honeymoon Picture From An Exciting Place!

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is experiencing a major shift in her life after tying the knot with David Woolley. She left the Brown family two years ago for all the good reasons. She was the happily divorced wife of Kody Brown after walking out from 25 years of marriage.

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Fans cheered for Christine for ending her first marriage and coming out of her pathetic condition in the family. Finally, she found real love in David Woolley and exchanged vows in a fairytale wedding. Her followers have been rooting for more Christine-David updates ever since their marriage.

Finally, the queen decided to surprise her fans with another update on her marriage. Recently, Christine shared some lovely pictures from her honeymoon. However, the major attraction in the picture was their honeymoon destination.

Seemingly, the new couple, Christine and David, chose Disneyland for their special moments. In the pictures, the pair sported matching black t-shirts which read, “I’m Hers” and “He’s Mine.” Also, their shirts had Mickey’s hands pointing fingers at each other. In the next picture, they posed with the Star Wars character Boba Fett.

Also, they stood in front of the Disney Parks train station in the last picture. David and Christine looked quite happy together after having fun in the amazing place. Sister Wives fans were happy to see that they were keeping their inner child alive after the marriage.

Sister Wives: Christine Shares A Cryptic Message For Kody Brown In Honeymoon Pictures

Christine and David are leaving no chance to throw shade at Kody Brown. Previously, the latter took a jab on his wife’s ex-husband during the nuptials. Now, Christine is sharing a cryptic post for her ex-husband during her honeymoon with David.

The Sister Wives star, Christine, shared a series of pictures on her feed recently. She wrote, “I firmly believe in living my life as I believe in Karma,” in the caption. Christine added, “I LOVE my life, and it brought me to the love of my life.”

Sister Wives
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Fans were quick to notice whom Christine was referring to with the Karma statement. Seemingly, Kody previously claimed that he was hoping for his ex to face her Karma. Now fans are praising Christine for hitting back with an amazing response.

A fan stated, “I like the karma reference,” with a laughing emoji. However, the other responded, “Hahaha!! The Kody karma reference is golden!!”

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