Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals Her Mother’s True Feelings About Kody [Shocking]

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s life completely changed after she divorced Kody in 2021. She not only found David Woolley but also ended up reconciling with her mother. Regular watchers are well aware of how the celeb ended up having an estranged relationship with the latter.

But things have gotten better now, and the iconic duo is back again. Amid all this, Christine recently revealed her mother’s true feelings about her walking down the aisle with Kody! What did she disclose? Was she happy?

Sister Wives: Christine Says Her Mother Wasn’t In Favor Of Marrying Kody! Shares Her True Feelings

Christine’s mother, Annie, has been a part of Sister Wives. She made guest appearances on the show during the initial seasons. However, the celeb stopped appearing after Christine decided to cut all their ties.

Apparently, Annie was also a part of a polygamous relationship and left her husband when her daughter was 19 years old. She soon started to raise her voice about the cons of plural marriage. Till this time, Christine had already married Kody and was looking forward to her happily ever after.

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Recently, a Reddit thread revealed that Christine has talked about her mother’s true feelings about her decision to marry Kody. As per the OP, she got to know after her divorce that Annie wasn’t “really in favor” of her going for a polygamous marriage.

The thread stated that Christine said about Annie, “She was sad that I was marrying Kody.” Yet her mother never expressed her feelings and supported her during her entire journey. That is the reason why Christine never knew that the matriarch felt “different” when it came to her marriage with Kody.

The OP also noted that the polygamous marriage has been really “hard” on Christine’s mother. She now feels that this lifestyle isn’t something that “honored” women at all. Hence, Annie couldn’t grow old with the dynamics and decided to part ways.

Sister Wives: Is Annie Happy With Christine & David’s Marriage?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has restored her relationship with Annie. She has been spending time with her kids and mother after divorcing Kody. The celeb made it clear that her mom, Annie, wasn’t in favor of her exchanging vows with her polygamist husband.

This made the viewers wonder if Annie was fine with Christine marrying David now. TLC recently shared an exclusive clip of the couple’s wedding, which featured Christine’s mother attending her big day.

In a clip, Annie stood along with Christine’s daughter and gushed over the couple’s togetherness. She was almost in tears and admitted that she was really “excited” for the latter’s wedding.

Annie seemed to be really happy while she was all dolled up for her daughter’s big day. Hence, it appears that she has wholeheartedly accepted David and is in favor of Christine spending the rest of her life with him.

Fans loved the fact that this time, Christine had Annie’s support and of all her loved ones as well.

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