Sister Wives: Christine Brown Glows During Thanksgiving Mini-Roll Prep (Leaving Kody Was So Good For Her)

Christine Brown is brimming with positivity on Instagram. Sister Wives fans are surprised to see her make mini-rolls with so much enthusiasm and love.

  •  Christine Brown, star of Sister Wives, showcased a transformed and radiant personality during an Instagram Live session, reflecting her newfound happiness after leaving her unhappy polygamous marriage with Kody Brown.
  •  Sister Wives fans were thrilled to see Christine’s positive and upbeat demeanor, with many expressing their support and admiration for her decision to leave Kody and pursue a monogamous relationship with her soulmate, David Woolley.
  •  Christine’s glow up and departure from a 30-year relationship deserve praise, as she prioritized her own happiness and broke free from the constraints of her polygamous past, embracing the advantages of monogamy and living a life she truly deserves.

Christine Brown had a meal preparation session on Instagram Live, where many Sister Wives fans were stunned to see her transformed personality. The 51-year-old reality star was extremely unhappy in her past relationship with Kody Brown. She didn’t feel valued in the polygamous marriage and never got the love she deserved. Fortunately, Christine realized her worth when Kody stopped being there for their kids. She split from him in 2021 and got into a monogamous relationship with her soulmate, David Woolley. In 2023, Christine married her new partner and bought a new home with him.

Recently, Christine went live on Instagram and showed her followers how to make her popular Thanksgiving mini-rolls. She talked to the fans and seemed overjoyed to celebrate the holiday surrounded by her family, friends, and sweet husband. The mom of six wore a cute black shirt that read, “I’ve tried polygamy.”

She had a radiant glow on her face that depicted how happy she was in the moment. Christine showcased the complete tutorial of her mini-rolls and shared she’d be making some of Janelle Brown’s recipes. The Sister Wives star with 1.3 million followers chirped with excitement and seemed content.

Sister Wives Fans React To Christine’s Thanksgiving Instagram Live

Christine Brown from Sister Wives wearing satin dress with curled hair

Sister Wives fans were happy to see Christine’s new upbeat personality that made her look youthful. A social media user wrote, “I’m so proud of you,” adding that the Sister Wives star deserves happiness and joy for making the right decision by leaving Kody. Another user commented, “I wish I knew you personally because I bet you’re so much fun,” and compared Christine’s aura to sunshine. Many fans also laughed at the reality TV star’s t-shirt. Fans claimed that they love her humor and the fact that she’s unapologetic about her polygamous past.

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People are rightfully happy to see Christine’s glow up. Christine wasted nearly thirty years seeking a man’s validation. She stayed with Kody and hoped that one day he’d be the ideal husband for her and a great father to their kids. However, the Wyoming man forgot all three wives for his youngest partner, Robyn. He stopped giving Meri, Janelle, and Christine any time and started focusing only on being a husband to his fourth wife. If Kody cared for Christine, she’d still be happy with him. However, he dropped the ball by neglecting his duties as a husband.

Christine deserves praise for leaving a 30-year relationship with such a deep-rooted history. She wasn’t only married to Kody but also had relationships with other Sister Wives and their kids. The Brown family had over twenty members, and it must’ve been difficult for Christine to break out of that environment. However, she did it for herself and to finally live the life that she deserved. The Utah native didn’t let her age dictate her future. The Sister Wives cast member moved out in time, found herself a real partner, and embraced the advantages of monogamy.

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