Sister Wives: Christine Brown Ditched Kody On ‘Ex-Anniversary’ In The Most Savage Way!

Christine Brown from Sister Wives is happily divorced from Kody and is married to David Woolley now. Hence, her life has finally taken a new turn for all the good reasons. Amid all this, Season 18 recently featured the celeb celebrating her ‘ex-anniversary’ with her friends and Janelle.

Fans were in shock when they got to know how happy Christine was with her divorce while she made some shocking revelations as well. What is she up to now? Did she meet Kody on her anniversary?

Sister Wives: Christine Celebrates ‘Ex-Anniversary’ With Janelle & Friends!

Sister Wives Season 18 is currently documenting the aftermath of Christine and Kody’s divorce. The latter is on the verge of parting ways with Janelle, while the former is enjoying her new life these days.

Recently, TLC dropped a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, in which Christine talked about how different her life was after parting ways with Kody. She admitted that it is really important to find like-minded people as she celebrated her ex-anniversary with them!

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Christine from Sister Wives was featured celebrating and clicking drinks with her girl gang and Janelle. She seemed to be really happy as she admitted that she never thought that she would be here. The celeb explained that usually, it’s really hard to “leave” a marriage and know when you are actually “done.”

But Christine claimed that after her split, she has ended up becoming a huge advocate of divorces! She added that divorces are really “awesome” and confessed that she has a completely new “identity” now.

Christine made it clear that she didn’t want to post pictures with Kody at all on her ex-anniversary. She revealed that the only thing she asked the latter to do was to never call her again on their big day’s anniversary! The celeb seemed to be sure that she didn’t want Kody and his means in her life now!

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Called Christine On Their Anniversary! But Why?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown asked Kody to do one thing for her on their anniversaries, that is, not to call her ever on them. But the latter didn’t pay heed to her request. The celeb ended up calling his ex-wife while she was partying with her besties and Janelle.

Christine was in disbelief as she never expected that Kody would actually call her on their ex-anniversary. But she was sure that she wouldn’t be picking up his call at all. Hence, the matriarch let her phone ring and didn’t answer it.

Sister Wives

But this incident actually made the viewers and Christine wonders why Kody was calling her in the first place. They predicted that perhaps the latter wanted to wish his ex-wife. But that wasn’t the truth! Kody revealed that he got to know about Christine being in town.

Hence, he simply wanted to know if Truely was free or not and wanted to meet her. So, it is evident that the patriarch had nothing to do with Christine, and he simply desired to know if his daughter was available or not.

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