Sister Wives: Christine Brown Declares She Doesn’t Trust Robyn — “Will Never Be Friends With Her”

Christine and Robyn have never been two peas in a pod. They always butted heads over how much time Kody spent with them. In fact, the former started seeing her husband’s true face after the youngest wife entered the family. The fan-favorite Sister Wives star accused Kody of having “favoritism” in the plural family.

Fans have seen Robyn crying often about the fallout of the family on the TV. Now, it appears that Christine isn’t interested in becoming friends with Kody’s only wife. Also, she thinks that Robyn is faking all the drama of wanting a polygamous family. Why is she rejecting her friendship?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals Why She Doesn’t Trust Robyn Brown!

Christine Brown likes keeping things straight in relationships. She prefers making sure who she wants in her life and who she doesn’t. Although she moved out of her marriage with Kody, she likes spilling the truth about the other family as well.

However, Robyn has been seen crying about the breakup of the Brown family. According to InTouch, the Sister Wives celeb discussed the family with Janelle. The latter expressed how her husband was abandoning her and her kids these days. Christine went on to ask if Kody was going to leave all his wives for Robyn.

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Christine said that she doesn’t trust Robyn and thinks that she wants monogamy. She even reacted to the latter’s desire to become friends with her. The TLC celeb shocked fans after rejecting Robyn outright. she wanted her to come to her directly if she wanted to be friends with her.

The Sister Wives star Christine went on to recall the days when Kody’s fourth wife lied about the times he spent at her home more than anyone else. She also slammed her ex-husband for calling it a family by spending most of his time at Robyn’s home. However, she has made it clear that she would have rejected her friendship anyway. Christine confessed, “I couldn’t trust her” even if Robyn approached her directly.

Sister Wives: Robyn & Meri Admit That They Tracked Kody!

Robyn Brown has been facing the audience’s anger for a long time. However, she always pretended that she had a dream of living in a plural family. Recently, Meri and Robyn discussed the dynamics of the family. The former expressed that Kody always told her that he gave her all the extra time which wasn’t the case.


Hence, she decided to keep a count of the days her husband spent in each wife’s home. Meri found that she wasn’t even the third after tracking him. However, Robyn was shocked by her confession and stated that she too did the same.

Robyn claimed that Christine kept on saying that Kody never spent time with her. But he wasn’t with the former as well. So, she decided to keep track of her husband as well. Also, she found that he wasn’t with her as much. Do you think Christine is doing the right thing by rejecting Robyn’s friendship straightaway?

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