Sister Wives’ Christine and Janelle Brown Don’t Have Relationship With Robyn — and It’s ‘Fine’ With Them

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown and Janelle Brown  don’t have regrets after distancing themselves from Robyn Brown and Meri Brown following their respective splits from Kody Brown.

Christine, 51, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, November 20, that she doesn’t have “any sort of relationship” with Robyn, 45, after leaving Kody, 54, in November 2021. “I’m fine with that,” Christine said of the situation. “I’ll continue to be amiable when we’re together. I have kids that have a good relationship with Robyn, and that’s great. Go for it. But no, [I do] not personally [talk to her].”

Janelle, 54, shared a similar outlook on her lack of friendship with Robyn, telling Us, “I’m not going to seek her out.”

Janelle announced in December 2022 that she and Kody had been “separated for several months” after nearly 30 years together. She has since cut ties with Robyn, who is the only sister wife still married to Kody.

“I adore [her] children,” Janelle said of Robyn’s five kids. “I do hope that at some point in the future, the children can be more reconciled with all of their parents. That’s what I hope for. But time will tell, and time is a healer, so we’ll see.”

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“I don’t know what she’s doing personally. I don’t talk with Meri either,” Christine explained to Us. “I don’t really have a relationship with Meri. I just really know what probably [viewers] know.”

Janelle noted that both she and Christine have stayed connected with Meri’s only child, Leon, but they don’t cross paths with Meri much. “I am so busy with what I’m doing now in my life, and my life really revolves around the kids and what I’m doing,” Janelle said. “And when we see each other, we’re cordial, but we don’t really seek each other out. She doesn’t seek me out. I don’t seek her out, but when we run into each other … it’s friendly.”

Although their friendships with Meri have dissolved in recent years, the TLC stars are happy she finally chose her own happiness outside the family. “I [am] just excited for her to be done,” Christine said. “Hopefully, she finds a romantic partner. I know that she’d like that, so that’d be the best. I wish that for her. Definitely.”

Janelle, meanwhile, called her former sister wife “extremely loyal” and applauded Meri for choosing herself over Kody. “She’s very loyal, and that’s admirable. It really is. And she takes our religious vows seriously, so she’s been in kind of a tough spot, I think for a while,” Janelle told Us. “I’m really, really glad now to see her being able to really move on.”

When it comes to the end of their plural family, Janelle does have some unresolved feelings, but her connection with Christine and their combined 12 kids makes it easier to build a new life outside of her marriage.

She continued: “I just mourn the loss of this ideal that we worked so hard for, but I realized we actually have a lot of it still intact.”

Christine, meanwhile, told Us she “felt like [their] family was split apart way before” she left. “I felt like me leaving wasn’t breaking the family apart. I felt like it was already broken [after moving to Flagstaff, Arizona],” she recalled, to which Janelle replied, “It did feel very separate at that point.”

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