Sister Wives: 8 Ways Paedon Brown’s Turning Into A Monster

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown's been involved in a lot of feuds with family members. He may be the problem. Is the reality star a monster?

  •  Paedon’s reality fame has potentially turned him into a “monster.” His character flaws are hard to ignore.
  •  The Brown family’s dynamic’s crumbling in Season 18. People are fighting, and Paedon criticized his father and stepmother.
  •  Paedon’s been involved in feuds with his sibling Leon, and has made controversial statements about his father and stepmother. He may lack communication skills and maturity.

Sister Wives season 18 celeb Paedon Brown’s a controversial reality star, and fame may have turned him into a monster. Sometimes, celebrity can change a person, bringing out ego and other negative personality traits. If Paedon’s been spoiled by fame, he may need to change. The drama in season 18’s exposed painful truths about the Brown family, which has buckled under Kody Brown’s questionable leadership. While Kody deserves a lot of the blame, other Brown family members make mistakes too, including Paedon.

Sister Wives season 18’s showing the downfall of the Brown family, and there have been so many arguments. No one’s getting along, including Robyn Brown and Kody, who are usually a united front. Janelle Brown’s basically accepted that she and Kody are doomed. Christine Brown’s already left, and Meri Brown wants to move to Utah from Flagstaff. Some of Kody’s 18 kids are in the mix, including Paedon, who’s criticized his father (and Robyn) during the current installment.

8Paedon Said Kody Wasn’t The “Man Of The House”

Paedon and Kody are both quite outspoken, with sizable egos. Those similarities may be the reason why they don’t get along. Sometimes, when people are too much alike, they hit turbulence. Also, Kody’s done some things to provoke his son, including favoring Robyn. Overall, that’s been Kody’s fatal mistake. By making that favoritism so crystal clear, he’s alienated the rest of his family. While Kody’s love for Robyn’s real, he goes too far with it, leaving everyone else feeling neglected.

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While he has legitimate issues, Paedon doesn’t express his anger in healthy and rational ways. Instead, he goes way off the rails. Paedon definitely goes overboard, taking to social media to insult his own father. Obviously, that’s just going to fuel the drama that’s poisoning their relationship. How is mouthing off so blatantly going to help? Kody worries about his image, and hearing this stuff, and knowing that the world’s also hearing it, is going to trigger him.

When he decided to say that reality TV show star Kody wasn’t a proper man of the house, he probably hurt Kody badly. Kody’s supposed to be the uber-patriarch. He’s not supposed to be perceived as weak and incompetent. So, Paedon played the villain when he aired dirty laundry. He’s young, and probably didn’t consider the long-term ramifications of calling out his own father in front of a huge audience. Down the line, he may have some real regrets.

7 Gwendlyn Brown Says Paedon’s “Sexist” & “Transphobic”

Is Paedon a male chauvinist like Kody? Maybe so. According to Gwendlyn, Paedon’s totally sexist. She said some blistering things about her brother, calling him “racist,” “violent,” “homophobic,” and “sexist.” The searing diatribe surfaced on the Instagram fan page, Kody’s_ex-wives. Gwendlyn unloaded in the harshest way possible, also encouraging Sister Wives fans not to give, “him any kind of support even if you’re just watching the kind of content he puts out.”

This was extraordinary. It’s unusual for one sibling to trash another so severely online, especially when they’re famous. Christine, who mothered both kids (Kody’s their father), probably doesn’t like this feud very much. If anything Gwendlyn’s saying’s true, then Paedon’s definitely earned the villain label.

6 Paedon’s Been Feuding With Leon Brown For Years

They Argued Over Politics

leon brown sister wives smiling

Paedon and Leon are very different people. They don’t agree about politics, and they’ve feuded repeatedly. In fact, their clashes have dragged on for years. At this point, Leon wants space from the Brown family. Leon’s had issues with Kody too, so there are plenty of good reasons to avoid the entire bunch. Now, Leon enjoys privacy, rarely posting online. However, they look happy when they do add pics to Instagram.

In the past, the two have tangled over their differing beliefs. Paedon inflamed Leon when he posted a “Back the Blue” meme that seemed to defy the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter is important, and any movement that takes away from it, by showing support for other groups, is completely tone-deaf. While there are good police officers, police brutality against Black people is well-documented.

Paedon and Leon may never see eye to eye. However, they could mend their rift one day. Right now, Leon’s taking time out to focus on their own life. This seems like a great decision.

5 Robyn Thinks Paedon Was Rude To Her Kids

Sister Wives Robyn and Kody

Robyn thinks Paedon was rude to her children, and he actually admitted that he was. Sobbin’ Robyn’s repeatedly claimed that other family members don’t treat her children well. She’s known for playing her little violin, but in this case, it seems like she was right on the mark. Paedon clearly did something bad to her kids, but he didn’t get physical or anything. He probably just lashed out verbally and offended them.

Maybe Robyn should have let this slide. Paedon was likely quite young when it happened. Sometimes, kids don’t get along – it’s not the end of the world. However, in her typical diva fashion, Robyn had to play the drama queen. She made a big fuss about the incident, and that meant that Paedon’s rudeness cast a long shadow. It came between them, and that may have made Paedon feel defensive. Since then, he’s been very negative about Kody and Robyn. That’s a shame, as Paedon needs a father. Even adult children need love, support and a safety net.

4 Paedon Brown Accused Meri Brown Of Child Abuse

Paedon went low when he accused Meri of chlid abuse, as per an interview that was posted on reality blogger John Yates‘ Twitter account. He said that Meri was mean to the kids while they were in her care, and manipulative, and these allegations are very serious. He knew that he was upsetting the apple cart, as he started out by saying, “I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this.” After he remarked that Meri was unkind to the Brown kids, he really trashed her:

It moves so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing. No, we were never safe around her.

Unless other Brown children speak up and back up his story, there’s no way to prove what happened. So, without proving that his version of events was real, he basically set out to ruin Meri’s reputation. If he’s telling the truth about this, he isn’t a villain, but who knows what really happened? Only the people who were there.

If he’s lying, Paedon should definitely be ashamed. Meri’s all about using barely cryptic posts to express her true feelings, without actually confronting anyone. A stronger rebuttal might have been appropriate here, but she chose to obliquely address the damaging allegations instead. Meri said, “Spent birthday #52 with a couple of my favorite people in the world. Many laughs, lots of good conversations, and tons of good food!” Meri added, via her Instagram.

She said, “On days like these, I’m reminded again of the humanity of people with good and honest hearts, the friends who have your back and stand up for you, and general goodness in the world.” Meri continued, “so grateful for friends who I can be myself with, who know my heart and my true self and cheer for me for my bright future.”

Meri obviously felt it was safer and smarter not to say anything about what had been alleged. That’s her choice. However, her weak response may not have been enough to convince followers that she was totally innocent.

3Paedon Brown Mocked Kody & Robyn’s “Weak Immune Systems” In Season 18

Sister Wives' Kody and Robyn

Paedon acted up again, in a much more lighthearted way, when he joked about Kody and Robyn’s weak immune systems during season 18. When he pulled this admittedly funny villain move, he was hanging out with his mom Christine (who recently married) in the kitchen. Sometimes, Paedon uses humor to soften his barbs, but there’s more than enough snark to leave a little sting.

Paedon’s often a villain, but he seems to become a different person when he’s around his mother. He’s quite content in Christine’s company. They joke around and clearly have an unbreakable bond. No one can tear the mother and son apart. They’ll love each other forever. They’ve had so many ups and downs, and never faltered in terms of their devotion to each other. That won’t change.

However, Kody may never have that kind of connection with Paedon. So much has happened, and it’s possible that they will never be on speaking terms again. Hopefully, that kind of permanent break isn’t in the cards. While Kody has to spread himself very thin, due to having 18 kids, he needs to find the time to make things better with Paedon.

One issue here, which isn’t really Paedon’s fault, is Robyn. She’s not helping him to heal his relationship with Kody. In fact, she’s kept them apart. Last Christmas, Robyn feared that the clashes between Kody and his older sons would start up again during the winter holiday festivities. She didn’t want fights to spoil the special occasion, so she encouraged Kody to avoid his older male offspring at that time. That was bad advice that he shouldn’t have taken.

Robyn can be so annoying. She’s always working behind the scenes, causing trouble. Then, she pretends that she no control over anything. That just isn’t true. She has a lot of power over Kody. So, even though Paedon plays the villain, it’s important to look under the surface and understand what’s driving that aggression. Is it injustice? If Paedon’s hurt over the way that Kody and Robyn have treated him, speaking out may give him some kind of peace. However, he’d probably rather have a “real” father who’s there for him through thick and thin.

2Paedon Never Takes Responsibility For His Misdeeds

Paedon loves to talk about other people and put them down, but he doesn’t acknowledge his own faults. No one’s perfect, but he seems to think that he is. While he puts Kody and Robyn under a microscope, he has more privacy than them. If he was under the same type of scrutiny, what would be revealed? While Paedon’s not as famous as Kody and Robyn, he does have enough of a platform to do some damage. And he does.

What isn’t seen is him trying to make peace or make amends. He clearly is more combative than most. Paedon isn’t a peacemaker. He wants war, and seems energized by battle. Without it, he might feel empty.

1He Admitted To Hitting Gwendlyn

Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown looking serious and angry

Gwendlyn and Paedon are like oil and water. They’re opposites, or maybe too alike. Something’s keeping them from bonding, and their problems are seemingly beyond repair. All they can do is cut their losses by avoiding one another as much as possible. It might be safer for both of them, as things did get physical once, and Paedon was the aggressor.

He admitted to hitting her, and that’s the ultimate villain move. Paedon went too far, and the circumstances don’t matter. It’s important to note that violence is never the answer. There are other ways to solve problems. So, these two hate each other, and that’s so sad. How did it come to this? A series of squabbles have put them at odds. They have no interest in being together.

Sister Wives season 18 has been tough to watch. It’s exposed some of the worst flaws in the cast members. Kody’s increasingly ruthless, willing to do almost anything for Robyn. He’s insulting the wives who are hanging on by a thread, and doesn’t understand how they feel or what they think. He’s going through the motions of trying to heal the family just because he thinks Robyn won’t respect him if he doesn’t.

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