Sister Wives: 8 Signs Kody’s Spending All His Money On Robyn & Their Kids

While Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, are forced to be on a tight budget, Robyn Brown leads a luxurious life with Kody Brown.

  •  Kody Brown’s relationship with his wives deteriorated as he focused on his fourth wife, Robyn, and neglected the others, causing jealousy and unhappiness among the wives.
  •  Kody only provides financial support and a luxurious lifestyle to Robyn, leaving his other wives, such as Janelle, struggling and financially vulnerable.
  •  Kody’s spending habits favor Robyn, as seen in his extravagant purchases for her and her family, while neglecting his other children and not providing them with gifts or support.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives is wealthy but only uses his money on his fourth wife and their kids. The 54-year-old polygamous man had a decent relationship with his four wives when the show premiered in 2010. However, things worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led his big family to split. In 2023, Sister Wives season 18 showed Kody dealing with his split from his third wife, Christine, while trying to save his marriage with his second wife, Janelle. Unfortunately, he failed, leading Janelle to decide she didn’t want to stay married anymore.

Kody’s polygamous relationship deteriorated when he brought in his fourth wife, Robyn. He began focusing on her and stopped giving the same attention to his other wives. Slowly, jealousy began to brew between the wives as they realized that polygamy didn’t benefit them at all. In the mid-2010s, Kody’s relationship with his first wife changed after she broke the marital vows by trying to hook up with another man. Soon after, Christine called it quits and moved on to find a partner who cared. Janelle also left Kody recently, allowing him to enjoy his monogamous marriage with Robyn.

8They Live In A $900,000 Flagstaff Home

Sister Wives' Kody and Robyn

Polygamous families are supposed to live together, building a big home. However, Kody only gave Robyn the best house, leaving out the other wives. Season 18 shows how Kody lives in an expensive Flagstaff home while Janelle struggles with her dismal living situation. It proves that he only cares for his youngest wife and feels no financial obligation to provide his other wives with the same quality of life. He could have brought her in or shown her some financial support if he genuinely wanted to save his relationship with Janelle.

Image of Robyn looking shady, with insets of Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives

Robyn’s lack of a career is another sign that shows Kody has only ever spent on her. Over the years, Meri, Janelle, and Christine have hustled hard to support themselves and their families. In comparison, Robyn has enjoyed a life of being Kody’s queen. Over the last few years, Janelle and Christine have been grinding a lot by collaborating with brands, as evident from their social media posts. However, thanks to her husband, Robyn has been privy to a kept life and doesn’t have to get a job or worry about finances.

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Montage of Robyn Brown from sister Wives looking shady

Kody’s four wives started the Sisterwife’s Closet a few years ago. They started the new business to cash in on their reality TV fame and to build something out of it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned due to family drama and splits, which rendered the Sisterwife’s Closet obsolete. However, Robyn was still in charge of the business and could have kept it going to bring in more money. However, the 44-year-old woman didn’t do that, making it seem like Kody has ensured she’s financially secure without a solid career.

Even other family members have noticed Kody’s crazy money-spending habits with Robyn. In early 2023, Kody and Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, revealed what was happening in the family. She took to YouTube and said, “I think that my dad and Robyn have a terrible habit of spending very crazy and, like, not within their means at all.” Gwendlyn alleged that her father and Robyn enjoy overspending but also claimed that her mom, Janelle, and Meri would be better off without her dad. According to her, Kody’s other wives “totally deserve” the money he has spent with Robyn.

4Kody’s Projecting By Accusing Janelle of Using Him For Money

Three Sister Wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown and ex Kody Brown looking upset

People often project their real-life situations in different ways. Kody has done that by accusing Janelle of using him for money, not realizing that he has also let himself be used by Robyn. In season 18, Janelle claimed she would be “completely vulnerable” financially if her relationship with Kody didn’t work out. However, Kody questioned if he was simply a financial resource for Janelle. The Brown family patriarch seems too blinded by Robyn’s charm to realize that he has been a resource to her and never had a problem with it.

3Kody & Robyn May Have More Money To Play With

Sister Wives Season 18 Kody Brown Robyn Brown dramatic montage somber expressions

Since his splits, Kody has to be only spending on Robyn. The husband-wife duo may have more money than ever since they aren’t polygamous anymore. From reality TV incomes to other resources, they must earn much more than Meri, Christine, and Janelle. In seasons 17 and 18, Kody’s kids, with his first three wives, shared their financial complaints, but to no avail. Previously, Kody pushed Janelle to kick her sons out of the home, claiming they were old enough. However, he could have been trying to save himself from spending on them.

2Kody Was Too Cheap To Buy Savanah Brown A Christmas Gift

Savanah Brown Sister Wives wearing blue shirt smiling

Kody has showered Robyn and her family with presents and gifts. He even got scooters for Robyn’s children. However, he hasn’t done the same to his other kids. One example of Kody’s not spending enough on his other families came in season 18, when he didn’t bring anything for Savanah during Christmas. The young lady said, “I was really sad, it’s my dad. Now I’m just angry at him. No gifts, nothing.” Janelle and Christine were also baffled by the situation. However, Kody defended himself by stating, “I’m separated from my children because they kicked me out of my home. I haven’t had the emotional fortitude to reach out.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown angry with his wives in the background

Kody has also spent on himself while his other wives have struggled. Instead of supporting Janelle through her financial problems, Kody has been parading around, showing his wealth. In May 2023 (via TV Shows Ace), Kody flaunted his expensive new jewelry at Savanah’s graduation. Soon, fans realized it was David Yurman’s necklace with an over-the-top price tag. While it’s perfectly fine for Kody to be relishing his wealth, it is also sad that he doesn’t do it for his family apart from Robyn. If Kody had lovingly supported all his Sister Wives over the years, they would have had a reason to stay with him.

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