Sinister Reason Robyn Brown Made Surrogate Offer To Meri?

It was in Season 1 in 2010 in Mexico, when Sister Wives fans saw Meri Brown talk to Kody Brown about her infertility. In 2007, she’d had a miscarriage so he suggested in vitro fertilization, but she turned down the idea, preferring natural conception. Then in 2011, when Robyn went into labor with Solomon, the wives gathered around her and everyone seemed excited. That was when Kody’s newest wife asked whether Meri would consider letting her carry a baby for her.

Robyn Brown Offered To Carry A Baby For Meri

Meri wasn’t keen, on surrogacy, but Kody seemed to think it was a good idea. In June 2012, he took Meri for a fun time in Mexico. There, amidst swimming with dolphins and exploring the sights, he pressured Meri for an answer on Robyn’s surrogacy offer. Over time, he returned to the subject but she wasn’t all that excited about the idea.

In September 2013, Sister Wives fans saw that Meri Brown met with Robyn Brown. She finally caved to pressure, but Kody suddenly decided it wasn’t a great idea. So she spoke to Robyn Brown about how he flip-flopped on the surrogacy. At the time, Robyn seemed shocked per Hollywood Life. However, if that happened today, viewers would likely be skeptical. She’s managed to convince fans that she wanted Meri gone, her sister wife’s assets in her hands, and Kody permanently in her bed.


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Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All, Meri Dishes Intimacy Stopped

TLC fans are very suspicious about the timelines of the show. In the Tell-All for Season 18, Meri talked about how about seven years before the catfish incident in 2014/15, Kody had stopped being intimate with her. Robyn  Brown wasn’t in the family as a wife in 2007. Actually, they spiritually tied the knot in 2010 before making it official in 2014. So an OP on Reddit noted that and asked other Sister Wives fans what they thought.

on the tell all tonight I did some maths as Meri was talking about Kody melting down the ring. She says very plainly that He started to dismiss their relationship “well before the cat fishing, about SEVEN years before” so why is this important? Well we know the cat fishing was end of 2014 beginning of 2015… Seven years before this would be 2008 or 2007. The first season of the show was filmed in 2010 and in this season Meri speaks about her fertility and says she had a miscarriage 3 years before in 2007. So if he began to ignore her, 7 years before the cat fishing that would be the same year they suffered the loss.

The questions arise: “Did Kody dissolve the relationship as soon as she could not provide him with more children?” Did Robyn and Kody string out the surrogacy story for more show time?

The Discussion About Why Robyn Brown Offered Surrogacy

In the comments, some interesting opinions arrived:

  • Which makes Robyn offering to [carry a] child for Meri so icky. Kody would never have actually agreed to it and strung Meri along for [the] storyline. Just gross.
  • …it was pretty brilliant of R really because she knew an “offer” like that would kill two birds – placate meri and make good tv all the while making her a saint for “offering”.
  • Incredible that the entire show has kind of been built on a lie. Their relationship has been over since I was a freshman in high school and the show didn’t even premiere for another year!
  • That’s the only reason Robyn offered. She knew it would be a definite no. She wouldn’t have offered if she thought there was any chance of having to actually do it. So she scored free martyr points for that one.

What are your thoughts about TLC fans agreeing that Kody and Robyn Brown might have discussed using the baby storyline just to gain more TV time? Whilst Robyn scored martyrdom points, do you think the couple just messed with Meri’s head? If the intimacy ended after the miscarriage, was it because her ex-husband lost interest in her because she couldn’t easily breed babies? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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