Shocking Reason Kody Brown Really Moved Family To Vegas?

Sister Wives on TLC revealed that Kody Brown moved the family multiple times and fans often discuss why he opted for Las Vegas. Although some people blamed Robyn Brown for it, it’s only in hindsight that they think they put their finger on the real reason. Read on to find out what that reason might be.

Kody Brown Moved To Las Vegas,  Acted Uncaring

The Sister Wives patriarch didn’t seem to care about any of the feelings his wives and kids might have had about moving the family. Remember how upset Garrison was about the Las Vegas move? Just like his younger brother Gabe, the son of Janelle Brown felt bitterly unhappy. Gabe’s turn for tears arrived when his father packed them all up and moved to Flagstaff.

When the family left Lehi, Kody Brown and TLC never really told anyone why they moved. Mind you, Kody claimed Utah was getting dangerous for polygamists. Mostly left up in the air, fans had to try and figure it out for themselves. Back in July, viewers discussed that Robyn Brown might have wanted to move. However, they also noticed that Christine and the kids accompanied her husband on a trip there.


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Kody Brown Sweet-Talked Christine Into Accepting Las Vegas

On Reddit, an OP shared about why they think the family relocated to Las Vegas. In the comments, someone pointed out that when the Sister Wives patriarch took Christine and her kids there, he might have been buttering them up. Of all the wives, she was the most likely to object to the move. So, it seemed that he might have already discussed a move with Robyn.

Sister Wives - The Real Reason Kody Moved The family To Vegas - TLC YouTube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown’s kids upset about moving to Las Vegas – TLC YouTube

Revisiting the original scouting out of Las Vegas by Kody Brown, the OP wrote, “When they do their first “recon mission” to Vegas to find homes to move there, Robyn actually says that her (step)father has lived there a while and will be helping them look.” Like many others, at the time, the significance of a relative in Las Vegas was missed.

Sister Wives Star Robyn Wanted The Move, Like FLagstaff

The post also considered that Kody Brown‘s “move to Flagstaff…seemingly didn’t make sense until we realized that Dayton is going to college there.” They added, “I’m going out on a limb here to say that every time they’ve moved, it seems to be somewhere that somehow magically benefits Robyn.”

Plenty of TLC fans agreed that most likely, it had everything to do with the newest wife in the family.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that while Kody Brown would have moved regardless, the relocation to Las Vegas was all about Robyn? Did you catch that she had a relative in the city?


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