(Shocking) Leaked Information Sister Wives Reveal, Meri May Be Involved In Garison Brown’s Death

It’s been almost a month since Garrison Brown tragically took his own life. While many members of the Brown family initially stayed silent after his passing, they have since begun sharing cherished memories of Garrison and heartfelt tributes to him. This week, Mary Brown shared an old photo of Garrison, which moved her to tears. Even though Garrison wasn’t Mary’s biological son, she played a significant role in his life, watching him grow up. Despite her strained relationships with some of the children, it appeared that she and Garrison shared a close bond.

This isn’t the first time Mary Brown has publicly expressed her grief over Garrison’s passing. On her late mother’s birthday, Mary expressed her hope that her mom was welcoming Garrison into heaven. Recently, Mary found a touching surprise on her phone: an old photo of Garrison. Despite bringing tears to her eyes, she felt grateful for discovering it. “Looking through my phone tonight, I came across this old photo of Garrison and me from 2018—a photo I didn’t remember I had and one that I will forever cherish,” Mary wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. Alongside her words, she shared the photo of herself and Garrison, both smiling brightly. “Seeing it immediately moved me to tears—a testament of the love I have for him, the pain of the loss of him,” she continued. “It’s a reminder that grief comes in unexpected waves, memories of the moments with him… all that remains four weeks today without him here with us, a lifetime of memories to hold sacred.”

On some of Mary’s recent social media posts, there have been accusations of her defending Cody Brown amidst the family tragedy. Some Sister Wives viewers believe Cody bears significant responsibility for Garrison’s death. Mary has asked her followers not to assign blame and to offer only kind words to the family during their grieving process. However, on Mary’s post featuring a photo of Garrison, her followers expressed more compassion and understanding.

“Mary, my heart aches for you and the family. I cannot even imagine. I can only hope that day by day, the grief becomes a bit lighter. He will never be forgotten,” one commenter wrote. “I don’t really care what anyone says, Garrison was your son. You helped raise him, you were kind to him, and treated him like your own. He was your son too,” another commenter expressed. “Mary, he’s letting you know he’s still with you and he loves you,” one individual commented. “Mary, random photos you come across after losing a loved one are like finding gold. I’m glad you could have a piece of gold to brighten the day,” another commenter shared.

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