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Shock????????!! Update the latest news. Ed Shares MAJOR Update On Relationship With His

Big Ed is not just a popular 90 Day Fiance star but also became a viral meme. In fact, he is the very reason why the franchise ended being more popular. Despite this, viewers haven’t really grown to like him. His debut on the show with Rose Vega was horrendous. Many disapproved of the way he talked to his girlfriend and squirmed while living in her house.

Then came Liz Woods into Big Ed’s life, and their relationship ended up becoming more toxic. It turns out the latter’s habit of dating much younger women was the root cause behind his estrangement from his daughter, Tiffany. But a major update on his social media has proved that he has been willing to smoothen things out with her. So, did Big Ed succeed in doing so?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Reveals Major Update About Estranged Bond With Daughter! Tiffany Warming Up To Him

Big Ed has been a big part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. His journey began with the Before The 90 Days spin-off. Later, he also joined The Single Life, along with Happily Ever After and The Last Resort. Despite this, the cracks in his and Liz Woods’ bond are too apparent to the audience. But Big Ed has ended up almost mending one estranged bond.

Long-time viewers must know that Big Ed has a daughter, Tiffany. She had been against her father from the get-go when it came to his dating life. There were moments when the star ended up being with women who were younger than his daughter! So this became one of the reasons why their bond started to suffer, and they became distant.

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But a Christmas miracle did indeed happen in Big Ed’s life. During one of his live sessions on Instagram, he gave a massive update about some progress in his relationship with his daughter. He revealed how Tiffany ended up sending him a “Christmas card” for the holidays. He looked very happy with this development.

Big Ed was sure that this was a sign that he might end up reconciling with his daughter after all. Many 90 Day Fiance fans also noted how there had been a change in Big Ed ever since he was in The Last Resort. There was a change in his personality after seeing therapy and openly claiming it helped him calm down a bit. Even Liz was happy with this progress.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Addresses If He Broke Up With Liz Or Not!

Apart from Big Ed talking about his daughter, he also mentioned his wife, Liz. While they had smooth sailing as The Last Resort wrapped up, 90 Day Fiance fans still saw some strange things on their profile. For instance, they haven’t made new posts about eachother. They are instead handing out with different friend groups.

Some even spotted Big Ed in a dating app and wanted to know what’s been up. Well, the star finally addressed these rumors. He said how he was in Arkansas with Liz, and the only reason viewers don’t see them together is because she has been quite busy. Well, fans found this to be too good to be true and felt Big Ed was hiding the fact that he and Liz are possibly feuding again.

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How do you feel about Big Ed and Liz Wood’s bond? Do you think he will successfully make amends with his daughter, Tiffany? Tell us how you feel in the comments below

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