90 Day Fiance

Shekinah jumps into Sarper’s arms as they reunite: ‘I feel like this is where I belong’

The day Shekinah Garner and Sarper Guven have been waiting for has arrived.

On next week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Shekinah finally lands in Turkey to start her new life with Sarper.

A clip shared by Entertainment Tonight proves how undeniable their in-person chemistry is, as they can’t keep their hands — or lips — off each other.

Sarper is ready for Shekinah’s arrival as he stands in the airport with a bouquet of flowers, which he admits he’s never done for a woman.

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“Mọi thứ đều rất đặc biệt đối với tôi,” Sarper nói với các nhà sản xuất của TLC khi anh chờ đợi Shekinah.

After changing in the bathroom, Shekinah records herself as she makes her way to Sarper following a long flight from L.A.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way teaser: Shekinah Garner and Sarper Guven pack on the PDA at the airport

Shekinah jumps into Sarper’s arms as soon as she spots him outside, and the duo begins their smooch fest as they gush over how much they’ve missed each other.

Shekinah remarks how handsome Sarper looks, and he returns the favor, telling her she looks “great.”

Sarper says his and Shekinah’s reunion is so perfect that it’s like something straight out of a movie.

“You know how you see some movies, there are some reuniting scenes?” Sarper asks during his confessional. “People meet again, hug each other in slow-mo… it is like that, you know? It is charming. It is perfect. It is unique. My English just not enough for to describe it, you know?”

Shekinah continues to plant kisses on Sarper before telling the cameras that it “feels so good to be in his big, strong arms and have his arms around me. I feel like this is where I belong.”

“You do,” adds Sarper.

The couple gets in their car and continues kissing, clearly excited to return to Sarper’s home.

Shekinah’s friends and family are against her moving to Turkey to be with Sarper

Though Shekinah is over the moon to finally be in Turkey with her perfect match, her friends and family members have been less than enthusiastic about her move.

They’ve expressed concerns about Sarper’s former bad-boy ways and him voicing his preferences regarding her appearance. Not only that, but Shekinah is making a huge sacrifice.

Shekinah is trading her life in L.A. for a new one in Turkey, and that means leaving behind her career and her teenage daughter, Sofia.

Shekinah’s ex-boyfriend, Berto, was not thrilled about her move, either. Berto felt that she was jumping into her decision too quickly and not prioritizing Sofia.

But even though Berto didn’t support her decision, he reminded her that he was just a phone call away in the event things didn’t work out with Sarper.

“But, despite his concerns, I know that this is the right decision for me,” Shekinah confessed.

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