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Shekinah Garner Has A Horrible Medical Past, She “Barely Survived”

Shekinah Garner entered the 90 Day Fiance franchise with her Turkish boyfriend, Sarper Guven. They are among the newest additions to The Other Way spinoff. The couple met each other through an online dating app nearly 5 months ago.

They have been going strong since then. Fans only have a little hint about the couple’s history. Although Shekinah and Sarper have many red flags, their impeccable chemistry has so far helped them overcome obstacles.

Shekinah also has a past in the reality TV world as a single mom who debuted through The Millionaire Matchmaker. Now, it appears that she also survived a near-death experience. What happened to her?

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Reveals About The Surgery That Saved Her Life!

Newcomer Shekinah Garner turned heads with her impressive storyline on the show. She hooked the 90 Day Fiance fans with her intriguing chemistry with her Turkish partner. The TLC castmate is a proud businesswoman with two kids.

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She has been ready to uproot her life from Los Angeles to move to Turkey for her lover. As per Screenrant, she opened up about a painful experience that left her with a huge scar. Garner recorded herself while showing her toned belly in the Instagram post and revealed her dark past.

She wrote, “Fun fact” while saying her appendix ruptured when she was 13, and her parents didn’t take her to the hospital for “two weeks!” The 90 Day Fiance star, Shekinah, revealed that her parents tried to treat her with natural remedies, and it made her condition worse.

90 Day Fiance
Shekinah Garner [Source : Screenrant]

The Los Angeles native went on to claim that she barely survived. Finally, she had to undergo a life-saving surgery that left her with a 13-inch scar on her belly. Shekinah garnered lots of positive comments from her fans after the big reveal.

Moreover, her boyfriend Sarper also jumped to the comment section to express his thoughts. He simply wrote he was glad someone saved his babe and thanked the doctors for making sure his lady love made it.


90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Speaks About Sarper’s Cute Effort During Their First Date!


Shekinah and Sarper are currently alternating between red flags and a lovey-dovey couple on the show. They hogged the spotlight for their dramatic storyline. Recently, the former spilled the details of her first date with her boyfriend. The 90 Day Fiance star is an aesthetician who has a love for makeup and beauty.

She crossed paths with her partner during her trip to Turkey. Later, they chatted on a dating app, and it all started. Recently, Garner shared a special detail about her first date with Sarper. She revealed that her partner had a shimmer at the bridge of his nose.

Interestingly, the TLC newbie, Shekinah, found it cute that he was making an extra effort on their first date. The latest preview featured Garner expressing her feelings for her boyfriend. She described him as sweet and caring, with everything she wanted in her partner.

Moreover, the TLC celebrity revealed that the connection was so strong and instant that it made her ready to leave everything behind.

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