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Shekinah Calls Daniele “Trash” and reveals what happened behind the scenes during the Tell All

 Shekinah Garner from The Other Way season 5 is having a beef with her fellow cast member Daniele Gates, and she used her Instagram to call her a liar, trash and a complete fraud. It all started before the filming of The Other Way Tell All episodes, when Daniele contacted Sarper behind Shekinah’s back, and told him not to take anything she will say personally or seriously, because it’s all for show.

On social media and in front of the public eyes, the two ladies started arguing in the comments section of Daniele’s post, however, they quickly got emotionally involved, and started bashing each other left and right using multiple Instagram story posts.

Daniele recently shared an Instagram Story, in which she was tagged by Shekinah, who was so irritated by her.  Shekinah was disappointed by Daniele’s sneaky behavior, and she claimed that the latter ignored her, and messaged her Turkish boyfriend, before the Tell-All, to tell him that she was sorry in advance, for anything she might say during the show. Shekinah also got triggered when Daniele referred to her as a woman hater. She claimed that all Daniele did on the set behind the scenes was inquiring if there was anyone with a p*n*s who could assist her.

Shekinah Garner did not raise her hand, when the Tell All host Shaun Robinson asked if they thought Yohan was a cheater. The American aesthetician was team Yohan, because she heard Daniele telling everyone behind the scenes:” Remember, none of this is real”.

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Technically, since Daniele confirmed on the tell all that she has access to all of Yohan’s social media accounts, it won’t be hard for her to fabricate and initiate fake conversations with other women, and then take screenshots, and use them as “receipts” to expose her husband, in front of the world, while creating a fake and scripted dramatic scene for the show
When asked how she feels about Daniele, Shekinah wrote a long paragraph to answer the fan’s question honestly, and she said:” She has a GIANT ego. Painfully insecure. Totally lacking in self awareness. Poses as some self evolved guru but couldn’t be further from it. A complete fraud”.
Both of The Other Way female cast members still hate each other, and their feud was so obvious during the 3 episodes of Tell All. As far as for being on reality TV, they are both doing a good job, and giving a great show to the audience on and off the screen.

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