Say A Little Prayer For Tori

Zach and Tori have been together for almost a decade. Fans have seen the Little People Big World stars transition in their relationship a lot. They are now proud parents of their three lovely kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. However, they concerned the fans last year when LPBW captured them having marital issues.

But the couple proved that they are in a much better place now. But a new post on Zach’s profile made the audience think that he and Tori may be going through some tough times again. That’s because he requested everyone to pray for his wife! Why was that?

LPBW: Zach Requests Prayers For Tori! What For?

Zach and Tori are some of the biggest stars to come out of Little People Big World. The majority of the fans have admitted that they only watch LPBW for them and their adorable kids. However, there have been rumors going around lately that the couple might just quit the show.

Sources have said that they won’t appear in the upcoming season. Fans believe it has something to do with the ongoing farm feud. But a new post on Zach’s profile gave fans the impression that he and Tori might be going through some tough times as a family. That’s because the former was asking for prayers for his wife.

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LPBW Little People Big World

As per TVshowace, Zach mentioned that he went to baby Lilah’s school to pick her up. HE did so for two days straight. But on the third day, it was Tori who went to pick her daughter up. While the latter got excited, she only waved to her mother.

Lilah told her teacher that she would be waiting for her father to pick her up instead. Hence, Zach asked everyone to say a little prayer for Tori with a winky face emoji. Well, nothing concerning happened to the LPBW matriarch.

Apparently, it was just Zach’s way of throwing subtle shade at his wife for being Lilah’s favorite. Fans had a hearty laughter over this matter. Well, Tori was a sport, too. She didn’t feel bad about it and admitted that their little princess sure loved her father.

LPBW: Zach & Tori Go On A Fun Outing With Their Kids!

There has been a lot of frenzy in the Little People Big World fanbase lately. It is all because of Caryn Chandler’s son Connor. He mentioned in one of the interviews that Zach and Tori might not return for a new season.

Even the couple has hinted through many posts that they have other plans instead of continuing with the show. But, Zach and Tori now have been focussing on staying away from the drama. Hence, they decided to do something wholesome during their leisure time.

LPBW Little People Big World

Tori and Zach took the kids on a fun outing. Apart from being there for each other, the couple also prioritizes and cherishes spending time with their kids a lot. In order to embrace nature and greenery, the LPBW couple took the kids outside amidst large trees and lush green fields.

All of them seemed to have enjoyed themselves to the core. In a generation where most of the kids are stuck staring at screens, fans were glad Zach and Tori were taking measures to expose their kids to the wonderful outdoors.

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