Sad news ????| Two men | Sitting in the same position being interviewed by the same woman but having two fates | Who owns the game…David Woolley Shares His Feelings About Kody

David Woolley not only became a part of Christine’s life but also joined Sister Wives for Season 18. He made his reality TV debut during the Tell All segment, and viewers aren’t able to get enough of him and Christine. The couple talked about their romance while they discussed the ongoing dynamics of the family in the episode.

Amid all this, David finally decided to break his silence about Kody. He opened up about how he felt about the latter and made some shocking revelations as well. What did Woolley say? Does he like Christine’s ex-husband?

Sister Wives: David Woolley Breaks His Silence & Reveals How He Feels About Kody

David Woolley has not only become a part of the franchise but has also spilled some major tea. Fans were in shock when he made his debut in Sister Wives Season 18 as they weren’t expecting to meet him this soon!

David initially talked about how he met Christine and fell in love with her. However, Sukanya was quick to ask the question that viewers had been waiting for since the beginning. She asked Woolley about how he truly felt about Kody and if his opinion had changed after meeting Christine or not.

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David, with utmost honesty, answered, “He wears his emotions on his sleeve.” He continued, “A lot. And sometimes you’ve got to not— but that’s him.” Woolley stated that he simply cannot “say anything differently” because that’s how Kody is!

David admitted that he could never be like that in his life. However, he feels that perhaps Kody wants people to “hear” him. Apparently, Sukanya then again asked him to share if he had “empathy” for Kody after whatever had happened.

Woolley replied that things can surely get “overwhelming” at times. But for him, his kids always come first. Hence, David feels that it won’t work for him if someone tries to push him. He concluded, “No, that ain’t gonna work.’You know, there’s room for everybody.” It was a pleasant moment for Sister Wives fans after realizing David never said anything ill about his wife’s ex.

Sister Wives: Here’s What Does Kody Have To Say About David Woolley

Sister Wives Tell All host did a great job by confronting Kody about his feelings for David Woolley. He simply stated that he didn’t know the latter in person. The celeb hoped that Christine was “choosing” well after parting ways with him and living a happy life.

However, as always, Kody added a jibe, “I’m not judging him, but my life has been public for years.” Though he didn’t say much about David, he surely accused Christine of bad-mouthing him for the sake of Woolley.

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As per Kody, Christine had to “destroy” his character just because she wanted to marry David Woolley. He explained, “David doesn’t feel like he can marry her because she left a good man.” The celeb stressed the fact that he is a “good man” and his marriage with Christine simply wasn’t a good one.

Sukanya clarified to Kody that David didn’t have any bad feelings for him. This seemed to be a shock for him as he replied, “Good, that’s awesome.” Yet he made it clear that Christine needs to stop telling their kids that he isn’t a good man.

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