Robyn pleaded with Kody to reach out to Janelle after their fight, prioritizing their marriage and children over pride.

Sister Wives Kody Brown may be the family's patriarch, but Robyn Brown's been making his decisions for a long time. Is she more rational than he is?

  •  Robyn pleaded with Kody to reach out to Janelle after their fight, prioritizing their marriage and children over pride.
  •  Robyn wants Kody to put his relationships with his children ahead of their marriage, as she believes family should stay together.
  •  Robyn felt hurt and betrayed to learn that Kody never loved his first wives, as she thought he was a loving husband to them before she joined the family.

Sister Wives season 18 has revealed Robyn Brown’s true colors more than once, but is the Sister Wives: One On One revealing that she’s actually been more rational than her husband Kody Brown all along? After Christine Brown chose to leave the family during Sister Wives season 17, it was clear that the dynamics in the family would shift tremendously. Kody, who was irrationally angry over Christine’s departure, took out his feelings on Robyn, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown whenever possible. While Robyn, who claims she can speak Kody’s language, was able to remain in her marriage, she didn’t come out of the process of Kody grieving entirely unscathed.

Throughout Sister Wives season 18, Kody’s relationships with Janelle and Meri were tested time and time again. Kody and Meri, who were the first to marry in the Brown family, ended their relationship at the end of the season after many years of living in a loveless, transactional marriage. Kody and Janelle had a more difficult road to their separation after a tumultuous argument and a tense bout of radio silence between them. With Kody still reeling from his marriages ending, Robyn may be the more rational of the two after all has been said and done in Kody’s relationships.

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8 Robyn Believed Kody Should Reach Out To Janelle After Their Fight

She Wanted Him To Fight For His Relationship

During Sister Wives season 18 episode 3, Janelle and Kody got into one of the biggest fights of their relationship. Janelle was arguing that it was Kody’s responsibility to take initiative and reach out to their kids, who he was estranged from. Kody, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in listening to Janelle’s ideas and instead placed the blame on her for speaking poorly of him.

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Robyn, along with the rest of the family, watched the fight during Sister Wives: One On One and explained that she’d pushed Kody to speak to Janelle after the argument. She said she was pleading with him about it, hoping he would prioritize his 30 year marriage and their 6 children together over his pride. Tearfully, Robyn shared that she was hurt that Kody never listened.

7 Robyn Wanted Kody To Put His Kids Ahead Of Their Marriage

She Wants The Family To Stay Together

Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Brown looking serious

After Janelle and Kody’s fight, it became clear that Kody was choosing to prioritize his family with Robyn over everyone else in the Brown family. While this made sense to Kody, it didn’t make much sense to Robyn. She shared her frustrations during Sister Wives: One On One about the fact that Kody was choosing to throw away relationships with his kids because he felt they were creating issues with her. Robyn, who’s biggest concern has always been the family, has advocated for Kody to be the one to reach out to his kids. While she won’t do anything behind his back, she’s wanted him to take the first step.

6 Robyn Felt Hurt Learning Kody Never Loved His First Wives

She Was Betrayed By His Lies

After Kody shared with Sister Wives: One On One host Sukanya Krishnan that he’d never truly been in love with his other wives romantically, the host asked Robyn about her feelings. Robyn shared that while she never thought that to be true, it hurt to hear. Robyn had felt that Kody was a loving, doting husband to his first wives when she met him. She felt that he’d lied to her in their early years, building their relationship on a false version of who he was at the time. While Robyn didn’t doubt his feelings for her, understanding the truth wasn’t easy.

5 Robyn Was Betrayed To Learn Kody Wasn’t Who She Thought

She Was Hurt By The Deception

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown

As Robyn unpacked the fact that Kody had been selling a false narrative to her about who he was as a husband, she got emotional. Robyn’s main objective throughout Kody’s divorce with Christine and his ensuing relationship issues has been ensuring that he’s able to be heard and taken care of, even if that damages the relationships he has with others. After learning that Kody wasn’t really trying in his other marriages in the first place and her work had been for nothing, Robyn felt hurt, betrayed, and disappointed in her husband’s behavior. It was clearly something she’d been struggling with for some time rather than a new discovery.

4 Robyn Wants Kody To Stop Putting Her First

She Can Take Care Of Herself

Sister Wives Season 18 Robyn Brown

Kody admitted during Sister Wives: One On One that he was putting his relationship with Robyn and their family above the rest of the family. The patriarch of the Brown family had also mentioned he was content with his family with Robyn during the season. Kody explained that if he didn’t reconcile with the estranged Brown children, that would be okay with him moving forward. By putting Robyn ahead of everything, Kody’s been quick to lose the rest of the people in his life. Robyn, when asked about this, shared she wasn’t okay with Kody sacrificing his relationships with his kids in order to protect her.

3 Robyn Understands She’s Blamed For Kody’s Issues By The Kids

She Knows She’s A Scapegoat For Kody

Robyn’s always understood that she came into the family once it was established and changed the dynamic entirely. She’s shared in the past that it was a tough experience to come into a pre-existing family and try to fit in, but at the same time, she felt accepted by the rest of the family for a time. During Sister Wives: One On One, Robyn shared that she knows she’s blamed for the problems with the kids. Kody’s constantly defending Robyn, but she understands that if she has to be the bad guy so her husband can have a relationship with his children, she can make peace with that.

2 Robyn Wants Her Marriage To Kody, But Not At Their Family’s Expense

She Wants Family Over Romance

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

Although Robyn knows she’s happy in her marriage to Kody, she doesn’t want him using their relationship as a crutch to make it seem like it’s okay for him not to try with the rest of the family. Robyn shared that while she wants to be married to Kody and continue to raise their kids, the way he uses their dislike and distrust of her as a tool to keep them at arm’s length doesn’t work for her. She wants her marriage, but she doesn’t want Kody to put it above the way he treats his children or his attempts to have relationships with them.

1 Robyn Feels Like Kody Is Putting Too Much Pressure On Their Relationship

She Hopes Kody Returns To Normal

Montage of Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown, emotional

While Kody has been sharing that Robyn is the love of his life and the only romantic love he’s ever felt, Robyn is trying to take a step back. She loves her husband, but she wants it to be clear that Kody’s putting way to much pressure on their relationship now that he has three other failed marriages under his belt. Robyn, who has been putting her own pressure on Kody, has been trying to get him to retreat when it comes to their relationship, giving them both space to breathe. The Sister Wives star is hoping that with time and space, he’ll settle back into his old self.

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