Robyn & Kody Brown Setting Up For Their Own Wedding Special?

Sister Wives stars Robyn and Kody Brown have made some controversial statements in the Look Back and Talk Back specials. One of them was about not being able to enjoy their wedding. However, some Redditors think they are just trying to plot something bigger, following Christine and David Woolley’s wedding special. Keep reading to see what they have to say about Kody and Robyn’s possible setup.

Sister Wives: The Brown Family Reflects On The 2013 Commitment Ceremony

TLC recently released a new preview clip for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives: Look Back. It features the Brown family reacting to an old episode about their Commitment Ceremony. Things quickly got emotional in the clip. Robyn ended up saying that she couldn’t watch it and walked off set as she reflected on how things turned out for the family today. Meanwhile, the ex-wives were aware of how much they had failed their vows. “We failed ourselves,” Christine said. “So mad at us, every single one of us,” Meri admitted.

Kody Brown Wives
Photo Credit: TLC

Robyn & Kody Brown Setting Up Their Own Special?

Some Reddit users reacted to Kody’s claims about not being able to enjoy Roby at their wedding. According to the poster, the Sister Wives star may be plotting a possible renewal of his vow with Robyn, which could potentially open up an opportunity for a special episode.

Sister Wives Kody Brown YouTube
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Anyone else think Kody’s comments about not being able to enjoy Robyn at their wedding is a set up for them to do a vow renewal? A new wedding?

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Others agreed and pointed out how obvious Kody’s jealousy was when he learned about Christine and David’s special wedding episode. Some also said that it’s going to be the married couple’s way to confirm that they’re officially a monogamous couple.

  • “I’m sure they will do some vomitfest for he and Robyn’s “new” monogamous status. They already bought hideous horse rings when neither of them seem to ride horses anymore,” one person said.
  • “I absolutely will NOT watch any vowel renewal for K&R, it’s bad enough they are hamming their smug faces on camera during Christine’s wedding special just so they can continue to bleed money off her and the OG family members backs,” another commenter added.

Sister Wives: Fans Think It May Be The Other Way Around

Some Redditors from the same thread also speculate that things may go the other way around if Kody and Robyn ever have a vow renewal. According to some, it contradicts their commitment vows.

Sister Wives Kody Robyn
Photo Credit: Sister Wives Facebook
  • “They are already cursed. The Kody brown family mission statement was essentially a vow renewal. Now it’s just a matter of time until the last marriage ends. There is no escaping the reality TV vow renewal curse!” one person said.
  • “If they have a vow renewal, then I’ll be certain a divorce is imminent,” another Reddit user said.

Some suggested that TLC may use Robyn and Kody Brown’s vow renewals as the main storyline for Season 19. The network has yet to confirm a new season. But Christine and Janelle have already confirmed filming for a new season.

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