Robyn Brown Pre-Planned To Buy Mansion While Still In Vegas?

Robyn Brown and Kody seem to be rather sheisty people, TLC fans decided. The Sister Wives stars seem determined to somehow diddle the other wives out of their assets. Now, fans wonder if they planned to get the other wives to pay for a fancy mansion for Robyn before they even moved to Flagstaff.

Robyn Brown Always Had Her Eye On The Assets?

Recently, fans discussed how it now seems as if the Sister Wives star always panned to get her hands on some of Meri’s assets. When Meri was getting divorced from Kody to allow him to marry Robyn so he could adopt her kids, Robyn acted like she was Meri’s best friend. However, she and Kody glossed over the protection of Meri’s assets if she left the family.

Robyn and Kody's Flagstaff Home - Zillow
Robyn and Kody’s Flagstaff Home –

Did Robyn Brown Plan To Buy The Mansion When In Las Vegas?

Janelle and Meri literally funded the mansion. While Meri and Janelle got by with little rentals, Kody’s favorite wife didn’t hang about with buying the big house. In fact, as she’s now officially married to Kody, she’s the only wife who has real protection against losing all her assets that the other sister wives paid for.

On Reddit, an OP threw out an interesting question about Robyn Brown and her mansion:

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P.O.V Robyns Luxury pad was planned before they moved to flagstaff…So it’s pretty coincidental that her original rental went on sale at the same time as the perfect house in the perfect location got put up for sale. Its almost like that house was part of the decision for buying CP and that the rental period was just enough time to encourage them to sell the mansion and get their finances from all the other houses in Vegas.

Sister Wives - Robyn Brown Planned McMansion Before Leaving Las Vegas - Reddit
Sister Wives – Robyn Brown Discussion – Reddit
  • I don’t think they planned that far ahead. it’s Kody. They “had” to live in it as a short term rental for at least a couple of months before financing went through. It’s Kody.
  • They do not plan anything in advance. Remember season 2 when they went to a tiny cabin for Christmas and didn’t realize you couldn’t take cars without 4 wheel drive all the way there and had to shuttle all their crap back and forth with the only car that did.

Nevertheless, some people think that it’s possible Robyn planned it. One of them opined:

Kody doesn’t plan (adhd). Robyn plans meticulously. The marriage, Daytons college, Her mood board. Moving to Vegas where her family lived. She does nothing without planning it all first.

What do you think of the argument that it’s unlikely that Kody and Robyn Brown planned to buy that particular mansion before they left Las Vegas? Do you agree that they don’t have a good rep for thinking things through? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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