Robyn Brown Blames Family Split On Janelle, Christine & Meri

Dumbfounded Sister Wives fans are happily feeding Robyn Brown through the juicer on social media after she blamed the family split on the three OGs, Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown. TLC critics sharpened their swords and slammed her for her lack of self-awareness after she gave an interview about it.

Sister Wives Fans Think Robyn Brown Is The Reason For The Split

TLC fans fully believe that Kody Brown favored his only remaining wife. For many years, he gave her and her kids the most attention. In fact, during covid, his rules pretty much meant that he lived permanently with Robyn. So, people who think his last wife was behind the rules, feel that she caused the downfall of their plural family. Kody has blamed just about everyone, bar the mom of Solomon.

Most fans believe that right from the start, Robyn Brown was the bad apple in the family basket. They believe that she was behind the move to Las Vegas that saw the wives move into different homes in the cul-de-sac. Additionally, they also believe she was the reason for the Flagstaff move. As each move brought more separation, many people believe that the favorite wife always wanted her husband to herself.


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Robyn Brown Blames The OG3s?

Sister Wives fans saw that Ariela Mae’s mom chatted with People Magazine this week. Soon, it made its way to multiple subs on Reddit. As one member of a community noted:

If she thought this interview was going to help her image, bless her heart. She’s about to get dragged across the internet.

Robyn Brown Blames Family Split On OG3s - Images TLC Sister Wives YouTube
Sister Wives -Kody and Robyn Brown, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown  – TLC YouTube
  • Issues started before her arrival about living together in one home.
  • In Las Vegas, the older kids started moving out, and that made the OG3 focus on their kids instead of on their husband.
  • The rejection of living in one big mansion in Flagstaff contributed to the divide.
  • Independent ideas caused the flouting of covid rules and the fights that followed.

TLC Fans Enjoy A Roast-Fest

Robyn Brown seemed to claim that it was all the fault of Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown and that she had nothing to do with any problems in the family. TLC fans slammed her claims of innocence. On one platform, people spoke about her lack of accountability.

  • [It] still amazes me that she places zero accountability on herself or Kody
  •  She always votes with Kody. Not the wives. Allowing him to freeze them out if they disobey him.
  • ..the ageism is astounding to me, especially since this woman looks older than the OG3. Absolutely no accountability. AND she contradicts herself from what she said in S17 [about being a real family in Las Vegas.]
  • But she came cap in hand! With zero accountability in that cap, but still!
Sister Wives fans comment on Robyn Brown - Reddit
Sister Wives fans comment on Robyn Brown – Reddit
  • I find it SO annoying that she is blaming them. When the OG3 were in fact quite loyal for a long time and tried their best to make it work. Much longer than us viewers believed they should be. Robyn is so wrapped up in her own selfishness she can’t see that it’s her and kodys fault.
  • And she’s NEVER had to sacrifice they way they did to keep him and their family together!
  • Or why can’t she just go with the generic slant Janelle takes “people grow and change and grow apart”. Like that’s it. Why is it always “they decided to ignore Kody, they focused on Xmas with the older kids” blah blah blah.
  • Robyn continues to be delusional. She talks about the adult children “deciding” to leave the nest as if it is something abnormal or that means their relationships with their moms had to stop. Then she goes on to talk about their ages? “I’ve heard at that age” – she is only 6 years younger than Christine! She acts like she is 20 years younger than all of them
Robyn Brown Discussion - Reddit
Robyn Brown Discussion – Reddit

What do you think of the argument that it’s all the fault of the three old girls in the family? Do you agree with Robyn Brown that the problems about living a polygamous life already started before her arrival? Is she also blaming the rejection of Kody’s mansion for the breakup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments,

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