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Robert & Anny In A “CHALLENGING” Marriage — Celebrate 4 Year Anniversary

Robert Springs and Anny Francisco captivated the 90 Day Fiance audience with their storyline. While the former had a lot of issues, his partner didn’t leave his side, and now he has transformed into a family man.

Despite his redemption arc, life had been unkind to the couple. That’s because last year, they announced the passing of their baby, Adriel. The angel baby was merely seven months old. Fans know it is hard for young couples to cope with such a loss.

Yet, they have been hopeful about Anny and Robert. However, she made an announcement recently claiming that she is in a somewhat “challenging” marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Says His & Anny’s Marriage Is Challenging!

Anny and Robert definitely grabbed a lot of attention with their time on 90 Day Fiance. Before meeting her, the latter was a mess and had different baby mamas. But after Anny’s presence, he was able to overcome the obstacles and be a better man for her.

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Together, the couple had two kids, Aliyah and Adriel. Unfortunately, the baby boy was only seven months old when he passed. Losing a child at such an age has been very difficult for Robert and Anny. Recently, he hinted at turmoil in his marriage after this tragedy.

Robert mentioned that the 90 Day Fiance couple had to bend through a lot in the last four years since tying the knot. He couldn’t help himself but called his marriage challenging. Yet, the star showered love on his wife by saying God made every version of him for her.

Moreover, he claimed he gets to lean on Anny for all the times he is weak and vice versa. At last, Springs called his wife beautiful and humble in his sweet post. At first, fans were alarmed when he called his marriage challenging, but the way his post ended put everyone at ease.

90 Day Fiance: Anny Celebrates Her & Robert’s Differences In A Marriage Anniversary Post!

Apparently, Anny and Robert were celebrating their four year marriage anniversary. While talking about their time together, the Dominican Republic native said that time had passed by quickly. So, the couple had to go through a lot.

The 90 Day Fiance star also addressed the differences between them. She did so by calling each other oil and water, trying to denote how unalike they are from each other. Yet, Anny uploaded wholesome pictures of herself in an all-blue attire with a bouquet of pure white roses.

In another photo, she and Robert were loved up as the latter made Anny sit on his lap. The anniversary post gained a lot of attention. Many famous faces from the franchise, like Angela Deem, Debbie Johnson, and Loren Brovarnik, complimented the couple on their milestone.

Fans also tried to lift their spirits by saying it’s okay to be different than your partner, as love doesn’t need to be perfect. How do you feel about Robert and Anny’s relationship? Are they one of your favorite couples?

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