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Riley & Kimberly Menzies Are The New Lovebirds Of 90 Day Fiance, What’s Brewing?

90 Day Fiance franchise has been with the audience for decades. Fans of the franchise have experienced different types of storylines on the show. However, only a few of them became successful. All the other pairs parted ways and moved on with others. Some of them also return with their new partners on a separate spin-off.

However, many co-stars ended up dating each other after their painful breakups. Hence, viewers are always on the lookout for piping-hot gossip about these celebrities. Now it appears that a new hot couple is most likely to appear on the show soon. Who are they? 

Cast members from 90 Day Fiance are always in the limelight for their controversies. Riley and Kimberly Menzies are among the most popular stars of the franchise. The former is struggling to reach common ground with his girlfriend Violet.

Meanwhile, Kim is already living her single life after parting ways with Usman Umar. Recently, the new potential couple went live on Instagram. A fan posted a video of the co-star during the live session on Reddit. The OP wrote, Video of new potential lovebird… Riley and Kimbaaaleyyy.“

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In it, the former appears to be flirting with Menzies and also calls her “beautiful.” Riley was praising her during the livestream, and Kim couldn’t stop blushing. However, the latter claimed that she couldn’t date him because of her hair.

But Riley flirtatiously stated that it doesn’t matter and that he loves her the way she is. Fans were quick to share their response on the potential union. One 90 Day Fiance fan stated, “I feel like they could work tho, though she might not be submissive, but she’s upfront and not sneaky like Violet.”

Meanwhile, others hoped that this would work out for them. Further, a different fan exclaimed, “Finally an appropriate pairing.” Well, it appears that fans are quite impressed with the hot new couple in town. Now, we have to wait for either of the reality TV celebs to confirm the speculations.

90 Day Fiance: Are Riley & Kimberly Already Single?

Kimberly entered the 90 Day Fiance with Usman Umar. However, their turbulent love story was short-lived, and they parted ways. Later, Usman found someone after moving on too quickly. But Kim Menzies is still cherishing her singlehood. Meanwhile, Usman is single again after calling it quits with his current girlfriend.

Riley and Violet made their debut on the show with their chaotic storyline. The couple had a tumultuous relationship from the start. Then, the latter was allegedly pregnant, and Riley wanted a DNA test. He alleged that there is only a 1% chance of making someone pregnant after the medicine he takes.

90 Day Fiance
TLC: Kimberly & Riley

Also, fans never saw the couple getting intimate on screens. Hence, the pregnancy news came as a surprise for everyone. Their current relationship status is unknown. However, fans always called them the most mismatched couple due to their differences.

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