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Riley Diego Reacts To Violet’s Unexpected Pregnancy In Shocking Video!

Riley Diego and Violet Tuyet come in the list of the most chaotic couples of 90 Day Fiance franchise. They had a very turbulent relationship filled with lots of drama. Riley faced betrayal in multiple relationships and lost all his trust in women. Shockingly he hired a private investigator to keep an eye on his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Violet always remains very cold with her lover. She even hesitated to kiss or hug him goodbye at the airport. However, fans were shocked by the sudden pregnancy news of the celeb. Now it appears that Riley is equally surprised with the big news. He shared a shocking reference to explain his feelings.

90 Day Fiance: Riley Shares His Shocking Reaction Over Violet’s Sudden Pregnancy New

Riley and Violet stirred a new controversy with the pregnancy track. The season finale is near for the Before the 90 Day spin-off. The latest preview revealed a shocking track in the couple’s storyline. In it, Riley stated, “Last week, Violet texted me and told me that she’s pregnant, and it’s mine.”

According to Screenrant, fans were in quite shocked about how it happened because they never got intimate on 90 Day Fiance. However, Riley decided to take a jibe at his fan’s reaction. He took to Facebook to share his hilarious reaction to the teaser. Diego posted a video of a popular episode of Simpsons. In it, the characters were performing a sensual tango dance.

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Surprisingly, the dancer declares to his partner, “ Last week, Violet texted me and told me that she’s pregnant, and it’s mine,” as the video ends. Also, the TLC star added a shrugging emoji to the video to add more fuel to the fire. He was referring to what fans were thinking about the couple. Several fans shared their responses on the video. One fan reacted, “Perfect response.” with a laughing emoji. Meanwhile, another pointed, “Hey Riley! I think it happened when you twirled her around your waist !!! And you did it twice dude.”

90 Day Fiance: Why Fans Are Shocked With Violet’s Pregnancy News!

Riley and Violet had a very rocky relationship from the start. They had been in a long-distance relationship for two years before Riley decided to move to Vietnam to meet his lady love. They never said “I Love You” to each other and never have been intimate on the show.

TLC often captures several couples getting intimate on the show. But that is not the case with Riley and Violet. Fans never saw them together in a hotel room or in a similar situation to spend quality time. Also, no matter how much Riley tries to be romantic with her she always appears icy.

Hence, fans started speculating that if she was pregnant the TLC wanted to spice up the storyline only. Now fans have to wait till the Tell-All episode if the couple is going to have a baby. Further, fans will get to know if the big news will improve the dynamic of their relationship.

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